ZTE is not new to the wearable gadget market. But it was not until a few days back that ZTE debuted the Android 2.0 watch market race with its budget Android wear 2.0 which sure grabs attention. Previously, ZTE had launched ZTE Axon in cooperation with Tencent OS in China almost a couple of years back. Now, with the launch of ZTE Quartz Smart Watch alongside T-mobile, it has started to pose a tough competition to Android wearable of other brands.

In the first place, ZTE Quartz is affordable and costs below $200 with a price tag of $193. This is the best thing about this android wear. Thus it is obvious that ZTE is trying to capture the middle-budget audience’s attention. Let’s now talk about the device and its design. ZTE Quartz looks good and has nice features too. But it neither has the best look or the most features. In fact, it is an optimum combination of both design and features. When it comes to the design, ZTE Quartz has a stainless steel casing and dial that has a tachymeter in it. But how far it will function well it is a question.

ZTE Quartz Smart Watch

On the other side, at the back of the watch, it is covered by plastic which does not look well alongside the stainless steel dial. Further, the plastic is visible from the sides which make the wearable look a little cheap. With a diameter of 46mm and thickness of 14.5 mm, you cannot expect the Quartz to look sleek and slim on you. It is rather a little heavy and chunky like LG Sport. Similarly, it runs on the same Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset and 768 MB RAM like LG sport.

But the similarities end there. Unlike the LG Sport and most other Android wears, it does not have a heart rate monitor. ZTE has also done away with NFC, rotating the dial. So, the Quartz is certainly not feature-rich. But it does have a GPS. Also, it has a 4GB memory. Hence you can be assured of no boredom while you are on your morning walk or while working out. It has an IP67 level of dust and water resistance, so you don’t have to take it off while getting sweaty or worry about it under the rain. But make sure to remove it and clear the stench for a good experience. On the top of these features, ZTE Quartz smartwatch also features with the Android 2.0, so you won’t be facing any kind lack in performance. It has also The ZTE Quartz is powered by a 500 mAh battery which assures a battery life all day long. It is quite admirable that all these are available at a relatively cheaper price when compared to its rival LG Sport that costs $349. Hence, anyone looking to buy your first Android wear can definitely give it a shot.

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