Zhiyun has again proven its capabilities in the Tech market. The world’s leading stabilizer designing company provides camera stabilizers, Gimbal with Ideal low cost. The perfect shooting experience empowered by a Zhiyun device let you grab pictures from all imaginable angles. The company is working hard to empower your shooting experiences by launching a whole new range of crane and stabilizers.

The ergonomically designed models buy Zhiyun are absolutely elegant and compact in look. The efficiency stimulation through Zhiyun stabilizers evacuates a series of problems that photographers faced till date. The invention of 360-degree panoramic shots with advanced slip ring Technology is one of the most commendable inventions of Zhiyun.

Zhiyun Crane Plus Gimbal Stabilizer

Recently the company is in Limelight on the Crane Plus 3-axis Gimbal. With 1.2 kgs of payload, Zhiyun is ideal for smaller DSLR and point to shoot cameras. The latest upgrade allows you to enhance the payload to 1.8 kg. It is controlled by a variety of specifications along with toggle style button. The encoded motors have the capacity to rotate up to 360 degrees. Some of the prime operation modes include –

  • Locking mode
  • Pan and follow mode
  • Pan and tilt mode
  • Intelligent Object Tracking
  • POV ( Point of View ) Mode

Design & Build Quality

The impressive hard casing of the device is definitely going to impress you right on its first look. Besides everything, the small adjustment tools that come along with the device are relatively easier to manage. Within just a few minutes you can make your camera sit relatively horizontal without any imbalance. You can keep moving around and change the camera position according to your requirement. Also, convenient adjustment of camera setting is possible after placing it on the Zhiyun crane. Zhiyun Crane Plus Gimbal Stabilizer

The power and other control button are on the handle of the Gambale. You can also control the Crane Plus 3 with the help of the dedicated phone APP “ZY Play”. You can connect the Crane Plus 3 with the help of the App and control it with that. There are a lot of features which will take your video garphic to another level.

Operations & Workability of Zhiyun Crane

To familiarize yourself more with the device, you need to use it for several consecutive days. I found myself getting adapted with the overall weight and navigation provided by the device within a week. I could shoot relatively better after putting my camera in inverted position. The dual handle for grabbing lower shots lying near the ground was also possible.Zhiyun Crane Plus Gimbal Stabilizer

One of the backdrops that I found with the crane was its inability to switch between gimbal and tripod. The process of evacuating the tripod plate and attaching the camera to a gamble takes up to 10 minutes. This can even make you miss an important shot.

Shooting through Zhiyun Crane Plus 3-axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer is relatively easier and compatible provided you have a correct camera for doing so. After taking a couple of Shots, I concluded that a high-quality final video is easily possible through the crane.Zhiyun Crane Plus Gimbal Stabilizer

There are many features which are not easy to find in this budget like Motion Memory, Intelligent Object Tracking, Point Of View Mode etc. With the help of these features, you can make great small movie or documentary.

Prime features Of Zhiyun Crane Plus 3

  • Intelligent object tracking help you to track the objects on your Zhiyun screen
  • With 45 degrees of synchronous motion, you can roll your cameras right or left in the desired direction. In other words, you can shoot videos with all possible angles in a much convenient way.
  • With night lapse feature users can capture moving night-time traffic, star trails and beautiful night-time landscapes
  • The All-in-One design is absolutely compatible with stabilizer and camera
  • The massive capacity to bear up to 2.5 kgs of weight makes it a perfect device to Mount mirrorless cameras along with professional grade DSLR that have heavy lenses
  • You can initiate panorama and motion time-lapse advanced shooting options through it

Price & Availablity

The Zhiyun Crane Plus 3 is listed on the on Gearbest at $569, the crane is an affordable and quality product from the house of Zhiyun. The accessories included will handlebar for distributing the overall weight of camera and gimbal combination. Also, you get a free Bluetooth remote that looks after the overall tilt movement and regulate the pan.

Zhiyun Crane Plus 3: Review & Conclusion

Zhiyun is the best option if you are planning to shoot through native Lenses or point to shoot camera. The speedy to setup crane performed extremely well with smooth functionality that adds much life to your videos and shot films. With responsive Motors, build quality and easy operation, it’s almost impossible to Grab something like Zhiyun Crane Plus 3 at this price. The crane immediately responds to the motions and sudden twists. It doesn’t make any noise and has minimum power consumption.

Design & Build Quality
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