The title sounds quite astounding to you given that smartphones are ruling our day to day activities but the question is a valid one. While smartwatches have been struggling to find a place in the smart gadgets and wearable market alongside numerous other products, time has come now to replace mobile phones with smartwatches. Although CEOs of some companies are finding it hard to acknowledge the practical purpose of smartwatches, many others have continued to design wonderful gadgets that can revolutionize the wearable’s world. Now it is the Zeblaze Thor 3G smartwatch that has made a slight threat to the widespread use of smartphones. With its rich features and usability, the Zeblaze Thor has made us ask the question, why use a smartphone again?

Zeblaze Thor 3G smartwatch

Smartphones are no more assistance devices and have the potential to become mainstream devices. The Zeblaze Thor is one good example and has most of the things a good mobile phone has. The best part about the Zeblaze Thor is that it comes with the sought after super AMOLED display with a size of inches. It is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass which is good news for those who put watches to rough use. Hence scratches won’t be a big cause of concern for Zeblaze Thor owners. The display sports a resolution of 400*400 pixels and a pixel density of 326 ppi that renders images and text with clarity like that of a good smartphone. With such a good display, do you think you will be stuck with a single screen dial? The answer is an absolute no. Zeblaze Thor is all about customizing and personalizing the watch to suit your spirit and needs. Already there are over 20 dails available and more can be expected online. The design of Zeblaze Thor itself looks appealing and with customizable dials, it will be a good choice for anyone interested in a smartwatch.

Zeblaze thor

The features of Zeblaze Thor do not end there. It runs on Android V5.1 OS, one of the latest operating systems for smartwatches. It is powered by a Quad Core processor with a processing speed of 1.3GHz which is a sure sign of fast operation. And then there is a 16GB internal memory in Zeblaze Thor. Hence you never have to think about being bored as you can load with your favorite songs. There is also Samsung Heart rate sensor and GPS which mean you can track your activity or pop a SIM card into the 3G smartwatch to find your way out if you are lost.

What not, there are a lot of discounts available in online stores. So run and get yourself a Zeblaze Thor.

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