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Zeblaze is a tech manufacturer that creates creative, high-end design products because their main focus is to design high-quality wearable tech goodies. The users of Zeblaze’s products are across the globe and the company has spread its wings over more than a hundred countries in the last four years. The latest addition to the successful lineup of Zeblaze is the Zeblaze THOR Smartwatch Phone with 1.4 inches super AMOLED screen and a fine combination of hardness with power packed software.

Zeblaze THOR Smartwatch

Zeblaze THOR 3G Smartwatch Phone is a perfect fit for those people who love technology and want to carry it outdoors without risking the product itself. The Smartwatch is loaded with the latest software and fit most of the needs of customers. Its beauty is actually captivating with delicate work of craftsmanship and some finely designed finish, along with all the smart features one can think of in a smartwatch.

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Zeblaze THOR Smartwatch Review: Specifications & Features

Zeblaze’s THOR 3G Smartwatch Phone is one of the most anticipated products of the Zeblaze and people are eagerly waiting for its launch. Its latest software and fine integration are few of the things which make this product one of the best in class. In this article, we will be reviewing the Zeblaze THOR 3G smartwatch Phone which is said to a great choice for customers who want fabulous looks and marvelous features.

Beautifully Designed with Top-notch Display

The Zeblaze THOR 3G Smartwatch phone is the finest combination of softness and hardness. It has a 1.4-inch screen with super AMOLED display which is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass popular for its security and hardness. The design of this watch can be said to be a fine beauty of delicate craftsmanship with 13mm thickness, 45mm diameter, it also has high resolutions of 400 x 400 pixels and a PPI density of 326 PPI which makes it a very good option for buyers.

Zeblaze THOR Smartwatch

The designers of this smart watch have focused on every single aspect whether it be the fashionable look or the rugged design to fit the need of outdoor lovers. Its design can be a very good opt for customers who love carrying their world with them outdoors but don’t want to risk their delicate and precious expensive gadgets like a smartphone.

The Zeblaze THOR 3G Smartwatch phone rightfully focuses on some of the most in demand as well as important aspects of smartwatch industry and hence, suits the need of its customers and understands the demand of the latest fashion world, as you can see it comes preloaded with many handy features like display alteration through which you can change the display of the watch as per the requirement.

Lightning fast Hardware and a well-optimized Software

People have this thought that the Smartwatches cannot match the working of a full-fledged phone, but this Zeblaze THOR Smartwatch phone is going to prove this miss conception about the smart watches wrong on so many levels. It’s not just matching the working of an ordinary smartphone when it comes to software or hardware, it also gives a tough fight.

The Zeblaze THOR 3G Smartwatch phone is loaded with latest software and hardware in order to give you a great experience using it. It has the MTK6580 Quad core 1.3 GHzCPU, alongside its stands 1 GB RAM and an internal memory of 16 GB inbuilt ROM and 1 nano SIM slot.

Zeblaze THOR Smartwatch

It runs on 5.1 Android Lollipop which provides a satisfactory experience and this watch also boots a Samsung original heart rate chip to help you in monitoring heart rate in the most accurate way possible. It supports around 23 languages from a different part of the world.

The hardware and software of the Zeblaze THOR 3G Smartwatch phone give a close competition to many latest mobile phones with its hardware and software which provide various features.


The Zeblaze THOR 3G Smartwatch phone provides very good connectivity. It has a Bluetooth 4.0 which has a range of 6-10 m which is really amazing, along with single SIM slot, GPS, wireless connection and 2G/3G separate connections. The Zeblaze THOR Smartwatch phone can even beat some of the smartphones of popular brands when it comes to connectivity.

Zeblaze THOR Smartwatch

Its GPS shows high accuracy results with perfect positioning and support even in urban areas without losing its signal. It suits best if the user is habitual of outdoor travels or don’t want to carry the entire gadget together outside. It can even make or receive calls and messages.


The Zeblaze THOR 3G Smartwatch phone has various features which include top notch connectivity even in the urban areas, Bluetooth,  larger memory space, multiple dial displays, latest OS, and software like Samsung heart monitor.

The features of this smartwatch phone are different from regular watches of outdoorsy people. It gives you whole information of your phone in your hand, everything you need to know it’s on your wrist.

Zeblaze thor

The larger memory support allows you to store more videos, photos, and music to keep the user entertained. It’s larger processor of 1.3 GHz helps in processing much faster helping the user to perform multitasking at ease.


Zeblaze THOR Smartwatch

The Zeblaze THOR Smartwatch phone has a battery of 350 mAh that last long up to 48 hours in normal use and camera and music player to entertain while going outdoors. It replaces the need for the mobile phone and can be carried as a single gadget without worrying about the important call, messages, alarm or the weather as it provides every single feature on the wrist of the user.

Things you should know

The Zeblaze THOR Smartwatch phone is a watch, people can carry without worrying about things. Its 16 GB ROM memory allows you to keep around 2000 photos, 1000 songs, and many videos. The overall weight of the product is around 63 Gm. There are various benefits of this product and it easily gives a tough fight to the smartphones. People can actually work without phones as the watch works perfectly fine, So no need to pull your smartphone out just do what you want with your smartwatch which itself is very time-saving

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that The Zeblaze THOR Smartwatch phone is a great gadget to have if the outdoor activities are frequent and you don’t want to risk bringing costly smartphones to risk. It has everything a person can dream of having on their phone. The battery, connectivity, memory and the storage make the whole experience of having Zeblaze THOR 3G Smartwatch lot better and satisfying. With great durability, tough body, and soft features this product can be a very good pick for anybody.

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