Here we have the latest smart band from Zeblaze. For every health concern people, this is the last stop for to maintain your health and look after it. Here we have the Zeblaze Arch Plus that is not just a watch but comes loaded with all the features to help you get the best smart band in town. This fitness tracker is loaded with features like heart rate monitor, pedometer and many more. Below we have discussed the details of the smart band or the fitness tracker for more details.

Zeblaze Arch Plus comes with the latest looks and feels. It has an OLED display. It comes with all the hardware like the Heart rate sensor at the back. It comes in three color bands, that is black, slate and brown. The main display is black in all the three version.Zeblaze Arch Plus Review

Look and Design: The fitness watch comes with a 0.87- inch OLED display to look all the display which include dynamic heart rate monitor, steps walked and other smartphone notification if connected to an app. You can swap all the above-stated features using the touch screen area at the bottom of the display. The band is of good quality and is made using TPU material. On the back of the display, you have the Charging port and the heart rate monitor sensor.

Connectivity and OS supported: To get the full potential of this smart band from Zeblaze, you can connect with a various smartphone to not just keep a track on your activity but also receive notification. You can connect using Bluetooth. This smart band comes with Bluetooth 4.0. It supports both Android and iOS. It supports Android 4.4 and above OS and iOS 8.0 and above. You can receive any notification of the call, SMS alert, Alarms and many more.

Waterproof: The device is certified IP67 waterproof. You can wear it anytime and every time and forget of any damage caused by water, sweat or even dust. The device is registered by international standards like IEC 60529 IPX7 and ISO 22810. Whether you are doing any activity like the running or workout or even sleeping this smart band will be by your side looking after your activity.

Chips and Sensors: The smartwatch is fitted with NORDIC which offers one of the best in class power to keep track of all the features and even the notification from the smartphones. The smart band also has few extra sensors like the heart rate sensors, Proximity sensors, and Accelerometer sensors. It also has Pedometer which keeps track of all the steps that you have taken.
The heart rate sensor is from Silicon Lab high precision heart rate sensor and combined with new Power Pulse dynamic heart rate algorithm gives the best heart rate result. The heart rate result is accurate to result no matter what you are doing currently.

Apps Supported: To keep a track of all the result that it picks up like dynamic heart rate result or the work out you did, you can go for different fitness apps. While this smart device does not have its own app, but to make it versatile it is compatible with a range of apps. It is compatible with Google Fit, Apple’s Health App, and Wechat We run. Just connect with any of the apps and you can track your fitness and sleep trends. You can also use the app to set training and exercise goals and see them complete in time. You can also share them over the social platforms.

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Standout features: Some of the features that make it stand out include dynamic heart rate which means it can keep track of your heartbeat 24/7. Track all your activity throughout the day using the pedometer, run route tracking and your sleep using the sleep monitor. It can also display mobile notification of the device connected to which include call, apps, and SMS notifications. The alert type is vibration.

Accessories: In the box other than the smart band, you also get a charger, a carry box, and manuals.

Battery: The device comes with an inbuilt, non-removable battery. You get an 80 mAh Li-ion polymer battery which can give a usage time of about a week with a standby time of 15 days. The battery takes a charging time of 1.5 hours from 0% to 100%. The Long battery life and quick recharge is one of the good combinations to go for when it comes to smart band

Why Buy?

If you want an ultimate watch then this is the one for you. You can go for it as there are a thousand reasons not to go for. It is packed with all the features that you get in a smart band like dynamic heart rate monitor, pedometers and even sleep monitors. Connect with your smartphone with Android and iOS and you have all the smartphone notification on your wrist. The battery will see you almost a week and you will need almost 1.5 hours to recharge and it will back to work for you.

The most important option is to go for is first it is compatible with almost all the famous fitness app, so you do not have to get a specific app to keep track of any of your fitness. Lastly, it is on pre-order sale and is selling for almost half the original price and you can get it. It is a limited stock deal so do not wait anymore and grab one for yourself.


One of the best and all in one smart band. If you look at other smart bands then you will notice that you have more than those regular features smart bands and moreover you get that in almost 50% off the original price tag.

If you liked this review of this new Smart band from Zeblaze the go now and grab one for yourself. Before you go, you can share this review with others who are interested in the smart band. If you have any query then feel free to comment down below and we will get back to you with the answer you want.