Smartwatches aren’t just taking on the role of a personal coach, but they are outperforming them. Slowly but surely, a new breed of exercise tracker is emerging that promises to make your fitness data actionable, but highly personalised.

personal training coach

If you’re looking to cut 10 seconds off your 5k time, or aren’t certain if you’re making the most out of your home fitness routines, then smartwatches offer realistic real-time personal coaching. This is a motivating function that is causing millions of people to not only begin working out but to continue doing so. They work by keeping track of your progress through their various sensors and including personalised words of support or advice. If your smartwatch is synced to a pair of headphones, this could be transmitted straight into your ears as if your trainer is right there with you.

Let’s have a look at how 4 main fitness tracker brands deliver a personal training coach experience.


Fitbit offers a certified wellness coach on a one-on-one basis. The personalised guidance, action plan, and transparency you need to become a happier, healthier you. Though, note this is through the paid Fitbit Premium app.

Fitbit specifically has recently taken on a more holistic approach to your wellness. Previously famous as a pure fitness-based tracker, the release of the Fitbit Sense showed us that Fitbit really cares about our entire wellbeing.

Now, Fitbit will reveal how your stress, sleep, nutrition, and fitness all fit together, unlike other coaching interactions that only concentrate on diet and exercise. And when you take care of your entire self, you will experience health improvement.

OK, so what about Samsung?

The MapMyRun app is included in the Galaxy Watch Active 2 Under Armour version, as well as a built-in run coach that analyses your stride and rhythm to help you improve your runs. Pace coach in Samsung Health can be used with other watches.

When self-motivation is at an all-time low, the watch’s built-in coaching will help you get more out of every mile.

That’s cool, now what about Garmin?

If you want to smash your time in 5km, 10km, or half marathon runs, Garmin Coach has training plans that will help.

The coaching system itself is housed inside Garmin Connect and is compatible with a variety of Garmin watches, with the purpose of supporting you in achieving your goals.

You can add guided coaching to your wrist in a completely unique way if you have an entry-level Forerunner 45, Fenix 6 or Forerunner 945 (or something in between).

Once you’ve chosen a schedule, you’ll receive exercises tailored to your running abilities to ensure you’ll be able to complete the session. The plans change depending on how well you’re doing and how many runs you’ve completed. As a result, it’s similar to what you’d get from the Polar Running Program. So if you’ve had trouble with a current workout, it will make changes to your upcoming ones.

Aside from running exercises, it will also provide you with videos to better describe drills and tips on race planning and nutrition to ensure you’re well fueled for tackling one of these plans.

Those plans, which are created by real-life coaches, actually cover 5K, 10K, and half marathon distances, and are aimed mainly at beginners and moderate runners. Though, there are more advanced options available, too.

Speaking of Polar…

Prepare for a big event or simply set a date to run a given distance. We’ve taken care of the thinking so you can try to find your running rhythm.

Running Programme is a customised and adaptable training programme focused on unique metrics. It adjusts your workout plan as it learns more about you in your workout results. Prepare for a 5k, 10k, half marathon, or marathon by running 5k, 10k, half marathon, or marathon.

Running Program is tailored to your unique level of fitness and takes into account your current condition. Hence, as you progress through the programme, it adjusts to your progress and tells you when you should push it a little further and when you can back off a little.

Power, heart, and mobility exercises are included in the curriculum, as well as providing an estimated completion time for your preferred distance.

When you build the software, you’ll be able to see your training goals on your Polar sports watch. Simply choose the day’s goal and follow your watch’s instructions.


Your personal training coach doesn’t have to be someone in a gym who you pay by the hour. In fact, your personal trainer can be with you 24/7, looking after your health in many different ways. Check out SuperWatches awesome article on how a smartwatch can do so much more than a human trainer.

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