20 Easiest Ways To Become Smarter

Becoming smarter is a normal desire of every human being. On the one hand, it is possible to learn a certain thing, and on the other hand, it is very useful to improve one’s overall ability to memorize, interpret, and reproduce information with mental capacity. Like sports, this process can be honed to a high level by constant practice. The methods below are simple and straightforward, with only a little bit of desire separating you from becoming really smart.

Scientific Activities Always Keeps You in A Good Shape

Among mental exercises, reading comes first. It is a wonderful activity that combines such positive qualities as:

  • acquiring new information;
  • gaining an emotional response;
  • improving visual perception of the world around us;
  • developing memory and imagination.

The classics of world literature, such as the works of Shakespeare https://www.britannica.com/biography/William-Shakespeare, Byron or Hemingway, are considered a universal direction. But modern authors are also excellent for training the brain by playing with their thoughts.

No less effective result gives the study of foreign languages. A layer of fundamentally new information perfectly strengthens brain activity. If you really want to become smarter, start by learning languages that are not typical for your region.

A good way to test your intelligence is to learn to do crossword puzzles quickly. It is very interesting to pick up the answers with the help of auxiliary letters. Filling in crossword puzzles on time is especially fun.

If memory is not your strong point, you can start to train mathematical skills. To do this is enough to hold in your mind the simplest arithmetic operations with at least three-digit numbers. Anyone who can multiply 4 or 5-digit numbers without a calculator obviously has his intellect well developed.

Simple presentation of information will teach attentiveness and increase the ability to use the knowledge that you have gained during the day. Keeping your own blog or diary is enough to improve your writing abilities.

Helping Your Brain with Vitamins

Certain foods stimulate mental activity, while others slow it down. It is worth stating right away that it is better to avoid alcohol if you want to be really smart.

Useful food products include:

  • fruits with vitamin C (citrus fruits);
  • Protein products, especially dietary meat;
  • Seafood and dishes that are based on it.

If you need to provide a sudden burst of brain activity, drink coffee. It is a first-class stimulant, but its systematic use reduces the overall effect. It is better to use it as a supplementary remedy in reserve.

In special cases, you can also resort to medication to stimulate the brain. It is safest to use supplements on a regular basis. The use of pharmacological preparations should always be coordinated with the doctor.

Rest is Good for Intellectual Activity

Without proper rest, you can’t achieve meaningful results in any activity. The easiest and most effective way is to sleep. In the morning, a rested brain easily solves the problems whereas in the evening it just drags you into a mental swamp.

Excellent for stimulating intellectual activity is an active vacation in nature. In addition to emotional relief, the body receives increased oxygen ventilation. Undoubtedly, the best option here is to play sports in the open air. The best way to help here is to:

  • long-distance running;
  • team ball games;
  • all water sports.

Intellectual entertainment deserves special attention. Try to develop your intuition enough to beat one or Two Up casino Australian, at least in demo mode. The ensuing cash winnings will serve as a first-class incentive to continue self-development.

Developing the Brain in Unusual Ways

Human intelligence can be developed not only through intense brain activity. Often even a simple and interesting activity makes us smarter. Nervous system training relies on regularity. It is enough to introduce a systematic aspect to your daily activities and to modify them in order to gain new achievements every day.

The easiest way to do this is to have a hobby. Ideally, it should be unusual. The more information a person collects at his pleasure, the more his mental resource increases. For example, you can collect photos of the most successful online casinos Australia players, and then build a portrait of a successful gambling enthusiast.

Uncomplicated intellectual games increase the stability of neural connections. Their advantage is the lack of focus and nervous tension. Some of the most popular offerings in this category include:

Name of the game Advantages
Tetris Combines the training of reactions, logic, and situation prediction
Snake Excellent at developing spatial thinking
Labyrinth Increases generalization skills and perception of the situation as a whole

A similar result can be obtained by installing a brain training app on your phone. You can easily download them from the official software depositories of the Android and iOS operating systems.

Effective Simplicity Every Day

Even spontaneous brain activity is an exercise in itself. Make a habit of collecting and remembering information, or noting unusual moments in the environment for later comparison. A separate method can be considered an intellectual game such as chess or checkers Go https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_(game). The number of possible combinations of pieces on the board is measured in ten-digit numbers. Combining tactics and strategy of the game trains intellectual activity in general.

It requires constant practice in order to feel really smart. Either method is good if you use it daily and regularly. By expanding your mental capacity, it is much easier to succeed in business, career, or gambling.

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