Since the inception of smartphones, there is an ever-growing list of activities that people perform through this portal. Initially used for making phone calls, cell phones are now an integral part of our lives, from offering business opportunities to entertainment.

According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Centre, 78 percent of the cell phone owners use their device for texting, which is a dominant mode of communication. This shows there is an increasing global appetite for texting. People today, prefer texting rather than having face-to-face conversations. Texting is convenient as it helps people escape social awkwardness and use right emoticons. So they prefer living within their technology cocoons.

XNSPY Review

In the current techno-digital era, tech devices have gamified the sexualization process. Sexting, social isolation, or corporate espionage are some of the rising concerns related to texting. Therefore, there is a huge demand for monitoring technology so that people can maintain a proper work-life balance and remain updated about their business and family relationships.

Among a plethora of spy apps, Xnspy is currently dominating the monitoring spectrum. It is a text spyware app designed for less savvy people so that they can easily monitor the target activities. Read a detailed review below to get further information on text spy.

Why the need for using aXnspy?

Being an informal medium of communication, texting is specifically a common medium of communication among teens. A report reveals that 75percent of the teens in America are involved in texting. They are more enthusiastic when it comes to texting so you’ll find them hooked to their phones day and night. Text addiction is a major concern for parents. The person your child is texting can be a pedophile, a bully, or a serial killer. So protective parents use a text monitoring software like Xnspy, to track the texting record of kids to ensure their safety.

XNSpy Review

Similarly, texting technology has helped people coordinate liaisons. Your partner may be flirting with his/her current flame over texts. Sexting among young couples is the current rage. Digital flirting raises the appetite for lust so there are chances that your partner may commit infidelity. In order to determine the truth about your partner, Xnspy is a viable option as it provides an authentic evidence and texting details of your partner.

Leakage of confidential company information has been prevalent since a long time. With the rise in texting, it has become much easier. Also, employees waste valuable company time in texting when at workplace. Using a monitoring app is the only way to catch the suspected employees involved in the act. It saves an organization from monetary losses. Xnspy can provide you with the message correspondence of employees for future references.

Xnspy – Design and compatibility

Xnspy is user-friendly text spyware app which offers a modernist design and is easy-to-use. It has a powerful yet intuitive user interface so that you can access all the target information within no time. The app is a cinch to install and it takes about 3-5minutes to get it running. There are a clear set of instructions provided by Xnspy to walk through the installation process.

This advanced monitoring software provides complete compatibility with iOS and Android devices. Whether your target phone is Jailbreak or Non-Jailbreak and your android device is rooted or non-rooted, Xnspy works best with all programs. Though the availability of features differs with each program, text monitoring is offered by all.

Functions of Xnspy that make it worth purchasing

Xnspy is known for its enhanced functionality. This monitoring app allows you to monitor texts at any time and place.

  • Remote spying

The raison d’etre for digital monitoring is that it offers remote spying. In all Android devices and in jailbreak iPhones, one-time physical access of the target phone is mandatory to install the app. however in Non-Jailbreak iPhones, only iCloud login credentials of the target are required. So you don’t have to physically snoop into the device, but monitor the target from a distance.

  • Permissionless monitoring

The main purpose of spying is to secretly track the target. Xnspy aims at monitoring and reporting target activities undetectable. It quietly runs in the background of the target phone and performs its functions without any interference. Since it promotes covert monitoring, the target will never know he’s being spied on.

  • Online console

Dashboard Monitoring is the online console in Xnspy. It is a web-based control panel that transfers all the text information from target phone to user device. The user can monitor live updates about target activities online, through this control panel.

Some exciting text monitoring features of Xnspy

  • View the complete record of all the incoming and outgoing messages in chronological order
  • Read the entire message content; separately and thread conversation
  • Monitor the name of message sender-receiver, their contact number, date and time stamp, and geotags
  • Read the deleted or older messages
  • Watch-list alerts on messages to depict unauthorized text correspondence


With its state-of-the-art features, Xnspy offers endless uses and possibilities for spying. It is an efficient and convenient text spying tool that offers fast and thorough monitoring. Offering affordable pricing, good customer service, and extensive range of features, it is currently topping the list of spy apps.

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