Advancement of technology and scientific innovation’ always helped in human wellbeing today, consumer electronics has to offer many comfortable and efficiency-enhancing gadgets, for regular use. Sometimes life without this electronic innovation impossible, the revolutionized products are the end result of extensive research and huge men and money involved in implementing new ideas. Whether its Ceiling fan, Electric bulb, Air conditioner, Pressure cooker, or induction cooktops, they all simplified the lives and also encouraged human to spend more time on other human relationships, Xiaomi is one of the revolutionized companies in this era of technology and scientific advancement.

About Xiaomi

Xiaomi Corporation was founded in 2010 with a commitment to provide quality products through continuous innovation and efficient products. The company has produced an amazing class of products with an honest price to make world-class products accessible to all. Today Xiaomi is worlds fourth-largest smartphone brand and successful in establishing worlds largest consumer product platform. Xiaomi reaches more than 80 Countries and regions of the world with its range of products.

Xiaomi Youpin Smart Trash Can Review

Design & Appearances

Xiaomi Youpin Smart Trash Can
Xiaomi Youpin Smart Trash Can

Today’s hi-tech homes need hi-tech gadgets and cater to this need Xiaomi has introduced its Smart dustbin in the consumer’s electronic segment. This smart trash can from Xiaomi Youpin is definitely made to steal your heart with its white color and awesome design. Xiaomi has taken care of elegance and fashionable looks while designing the product. For the time being Xiaomi has launched Vibrant White color to draw the attention of household and general consumers.

This product comes with handy design with compact looks, which occupy very small space of your living area, but also adds to the interior of your living room, this amazing gadget is unique in its class. With a consumer-friendly budget to meet the durability feature, Xiaomi has used High-grade plastic ABS, which not only makes the product durable but easy to handle and clean. This is important for a class of products like Trash cans or dust bins.

Why we need a smart Trash Can?

Trash cans or dustbins by nature it keeps away the people as it carries unhygienic trash or waste, each time user opens the doors of trash can has to face the bio-odor and smell and also attack of harmful bacteria, as a reason most of the times users try to stay away from dustbins and ends up with throwing the trash at other places unwantedly.

Yes, Xiomi understands your problem the solution brought is Motion sensors, with this technology when any object hovers closer to the Trashcan the upper loading doors automatically opens up. And upon throwing the trash it closes the doors all by itself.

What is Xiaomi Motion Sensor Trash Can?

Xiaomi Youpin Motion Sensor trash can is basically a smart dustbin, which is conceptualized for easy trash handling and hygiene and comfort.

This trash can comes with motion sensors which let the trash can to open its top facing doors automatically and lets the user dump his trash, once the trash is dumped to it, it automatically closes the top facing doors by itself.

Easy clean and Automatic Change of Trash bag:

Changing of dump bags is never been so easy before Motion Sensor Trash can Xiaomi, the coolest technology of Xiomi sets the user free from touching garbage bags while changing. Xiomi claims that all it does by itself.

Xiaomi has taken good care of garbage handling capacity, to handle the garbage of the whole day; it is designed to handle up to 15.5 Litre Capacity. It permits both manual and automatic switching to open the Induction doors by itself.

Key Features of Xiaomi Youpin Smart trash can

  • Easy to clean trash can
  • Made with High-quality ABS Material
  • Durable
  • Elegant and good looking design.
  • Odor free and toxic free
  • Protects health and environment.
  • Larger capacity Trash handling.
  • Fully automatic Switch infrared sensing technology.
  • Fast processing and easy to use.
  • Less power consumption
  • Built-in 2000 mAh battery with USB charging.

Who should Buy this smart can?

Automatic Motion Sensor Trash can from Xiomi Youpin is made for all those people who believe in smart living and want to keep the environment and living spaces clean and Hygienic. Xiaomi has taken care of the need of the various users in a single product. It is targeted for various segments of people.

It is ideal for Hotels, Household, Conference rooms, registration halls, admission rooms, Hospitals, Exhibition rooms, gift shops, domestic service, Offices, lobby, shops, and many more. Xiomi motion sensor trash can Lupin is a real service provider for a huge class of audience at a time.

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