What is the general idea about a ‘Trash bin’? A stinky container that holds on all the trash. Not just stinky, but also gets the person using it dirty. There are many people that can hardly see any other option that can save them from using the stinky ones.

But Xioami has launched a Smart trash bin, yes you read right. A Smart trash bin which comes with the Auto Sealing and locks the bin after you drop the waste material into. This trash bin has many more features and which can be very useful in our daily life, so let take a look at the features, the price of the T1 Auto sealing smart trash bin. Xiaomi-Smart-Trash-BinThe one latest technological based trash bid. It is the ultimate comfort to have this on your side. You will hardly get to bend deep down in order to throw or operate the buttons of the trash bid.Xiaomi-Smart-Trash-Bin

Xioami Youpin smart trash bin has the capacity of 15.5 L. It is enough space to store the large piece of garbage as good paks, soft drink bottles. The bin design is also very simple and made like it will not slip on any floor.

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The T1 Auto seating smart trash bin works on the sensory technology that is enabled in it. Thus, with it, you will have to stay close to it and be ready to dispose of the trash.

Hold the trash that you would like to dispose of – like about 0-25 centimeters away and see the lid or the cover of the trash can open automatically. This is what is induced by the sensory technology. Highly beneficial and hygienic too. Xiaomi-Smart-Trash-Bin

Look at the other features of the T1 Auto seating smart trash bin you will be amazed.

  • One button operation. The button can be used mostly in case you would like to operate the trash can manually. If not, the sensor will do the best.
  • Sensory or induction cover operate from about 0 to 35 centimeters.
  • 5l holding capacity. Okay, so that means you do not have to worry about the problem of over flowing or crowing the trash, because it has 15.5 Litre capacity. Quite big enough.
  • Rechargeable battery set-up.
  • LED light indicator. The light blue LED lights are definitely pleasant to look at and yes, of course, reminds you they are electronically driven ones.
  • Stinky free. The best out of all the features of the smart trash can.
  • Strong and fuss-free garbage bags. The garbage bags that come along with this trash bin are strong enough that you need not worry about the breakage or stinky issues.
  • Automatic seal of the garbage bag. Now, this feature will make you ‘wow’. You just have to dispose of the trash and the garbage bag gets closed or compressed automatically.
  • Easy charge mechanism. The trash cans basically are run by electric power, so, for that you will have to charge it. No more worrying for 32 hours at the least as it will last for that period.
  • No more getting dirty. There is hardly anything to do with your bare hands except for throwing the trash. So, where is the chance of your hands getting dirty?! No chances at all.

So, what do you think? All this not enough to have the modern-day mechanized trash bin.

Get the Xioami Youpin smart trash bin right away. You can shop for it online too. What are you waiting for? Go grab this, one-time investment that is easy to handle and use.

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