While the cloud surrounding Mi’s masterpiece Xiaomi MI 6, shows no signs of clearing, the Chinese electronics giant has silently unveiled the Yunmao Good Light Mini 2 body scale in the background. Although its launch has not made much into the headlines, this body scale which is another addition to the MI Smart Home Product line up packs pretty good features. Launching the body scale this week just a few weeks after it released the smart shoes integrated with Intel’s Curie module, Xiaomi seems to be hell bent on making a home smarter than it is supposed to. Well, it is good that technology can do so much as to make the quality of life better but mind you! They may become smarter than we are.

Yunmao Good Light Mini 2 body scale

The body scale has minimalistic design features but don’t get fooled by it. It packs in it a lot more than what a normal body scale can. It can be used to measure not only weight but also body mass index, body age, protein and water levels, fat content in internal organs, muscle bone mass, basal metabolic rate etc. All these measurements are done using a BIA chip which replaces conventional DC-based measurements with multi-frequency AC impedance to provide measurements with greater accuracy. Of course, this will be an addition to the arsenal of a health and fitness freak. For those who aren’t, this is still a wonderful gadget that can potentially have a goof impact on lifestyle.

Yunmao Good Light Mini 2 body scale

The product comes in the traditional white color favored by the company and is in the shape of a square with rounded edges. Although its top layer is made of tempered glass, you don’t have to worry about falling head over heels if you accidentally step on it right after bathing or after getting out of the pool as it is treated and provided with electrode sensing film with stainless steel to provide grip and prevent falls. In effect, both the machine and the user are safeguarded against any possible water damage.

What is so exciting about this small yet powerful body scale is that it is really smart; smart enough to turn off automatically when there is no load and to connect with the MI App. This is accomplished by low-power Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Hence, one can check all the relevant details through a smartphone. It is powered by three AA batteries which can last as long as a year if used properly. And it is not a dream and it is a reality that it is available for only $13 (around 850 INR). Sadly it is not available in India.

But yes! It is definitely a steal if you are planning to buy it anytime soon. Happy weighing!