We all have experienced many smart devices like Smartphone, smartwatches, smart band etc. But have you ever think of smart shoes?  Smartshoes are kind of shoes which help in to provide running related fitness data to the users. Xiaomi the Chinese electronic giant has now confirmed that they are ready to launch its first ever smart shoes powered by Intel technology. The name of this shoe is ‘90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear’ shoes’.

 '90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear'
90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear’

This smartshoes has intel curie chip, which collects and provide all the vital information related to exercises, walking, running or even climbing. With this we can get many fitness data such as calories burnt, Distance travelled and much more, while running very easily.

This smart shoes from Xiaomi, developed by Shanghai-based Runmi Technology Co. Ltd. According to the source, this smartshoe come up with a battery life of 60 days, Which we can charge again and again, like our Smartphone!

The shoes are mainly made for professional runners/athletes and come with arch design and anti-skid features. It also offers full air cushion for each foot along with the antibacterial replaceable sole.

The embedded Intel curie chip is so small, that while running you will hardly know about it.These shoes look similar to our regular shoes.

xiaomo smartshoe pink
Xiaomi Smartshoe is available in different colour variant

The smart shoes from Xiaomi are available in the different colour variant. Black and Surf Blue option for man while Black and Pink colour options for women.  The company also offering a special blue edition shoe, those for the night runners.

You can buy this smart shoe from official MI Home website. Launching price of this shoe smartshoe is CNY 299(~$46)