When we mention the name Xiaomi, among many things, mobile phones and other advanced gadgets come to one’s mind. Xiaomi boasts of a portfolio which is filled up with all sorts of products from advanced mobile phones to toothbrushes, and while it has launched a good number of smartwatches and fitness trackers, it has now jumped into the market with its Xiaomi TwentySeventeen Ultra-Thin Quartz watch with an analog display and mechanical working mechanism.

Everyone, nowadays, is moving towards the plethora of smartwatches which are available in the market, jam-packed with all the features and all the cutting edge technology. But, there are people out there, who still prefer and admire the traditional mechanical watches and what they stood for. While keeping up with the race, Xiaomi has launched this mechanical watch which would make a dent in the market with its elegant design and style.

Design and Appearance:

Xiaomi Twenty Seventeen Ultra-Thin Quartz Watch has a sleek design which appeals both men and women, equally. Its classic and sophisticated appearance and design make it look incredibly traditional, giving out a look of being driven from the Western Nordic tradition.

Xiaomi Twenty Seventeen
Xiaomi Twenty Seventeen Watch

This ultra-thin quartz watch is adorned with synthetic sapphire glass for lens material and Japanese steel, which is incredibly high in quality. It has a style which allows it to be ubiquitously used in sports, casual, and formal settings. This watch has an easy to adjust a small round cap crown.

Dial and Straps:

Xiaomi TwentySeventeen Quartz Watch has a 5.5 mm slim body with a round dial. 316L stainless steel was used for the dial, and it used 16 manual polishing to process the material.

stainless steel
stainless steel Straps

The straps in the ultra-thin quartz watch are made up of extremely high in quality Milanese stainless steel which is woven into a mesh belt, giving it that refined and delicate appearance.

This weaving technology used for the modern steel belt provides it with its premium look. The belt has an adjustable buckle to fit any wrist size.

Sturdy Build:

The material used for Xiaomi TwentySeventeen Ultra-Thin Quartz Watch is sturdy and resistant to any sort of wear and scratches. A blue coating process was used during the manufacturing process to make it immune to glare and fingerprint stains.

Water Resistance:

This watch comes with a 3ATM waterproofing, which means it is resistant up until 30 meters of water for daily use. While, you can’t use this watch for activities which involves deeper waters, exceeding than that of 30 meters, such as swimming, diving, surfing, snorkeling, showering, or any other such activities, you don’t have to worry about getting it wet while washing your hands and face, or if you are getting drenched in the rain.

Time and Mechanism:

247 Xiaomi watch Time

The mechanism for this watch was imported from Japan. The watch has simplistic notches to represent the hours instead of the regular numbers, which are easy to read.

The needles, equipped in the Xiaomi Twenty Seventeen Ultra-Thin Quartz Watch, has phosphor luminous which allows you to read the time even at night or when there is not ample light. Not to mention, you can also read the day from the built-in date mechanism.

Pros and Cons:

Here are the brief pros and cons:


Simple, sleek, and traditional design; Luminous pointers for visibility in the dark; Easy to adjust mesh strap; extremely light in weight.


Well, since it is not a smartwatch, it has a selective reach and appeals among the masses. So, if you consider yourself as tech-savvy, then there isn’t much here that would make it worth a look for you. It is built with more of an old school approach.


To sum it all up, this is an excellent watch if you are more inclined towards the traditional mechanical watches, but, if you are into smartwatches, this is not for you. Its battery would last you for about 5 years and more. There are Black, Silver, and Gold variants of this watch are available for you to choose from. This watch could also be an appropriate gift option for you to consider, the next time you are in a dilemma of getting something great for someone.

Also, its minimalistic design is something that makes it appealing, and the unisex factor adds to its value. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you will have to restart this watch physically by using the ring nut, which has a handle to make it easier to function and adjust if the watch has not been in use for a while. From what this watch brings to the table, it can indeed be said that Xiaomi TwentySeventeen Ultra-Thin Quartz Watch does hold promise being an elegant and a cool watch at the same time.

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