Xiaomi made almost all the products which you can use in your daily life, for example, Smart Trash Can, Smart Cup, Smart Vacuum cleaner, Air Prefuirer, and so on. This time Xiaomi has launched Smart Air Detector. This Xiaomi Air Detector let you know about Air conditions like temperature and humidity, PM2.5, tVOC, carbon dioxide value. The 3.1 inch IPS screen will let you know each and everything about the indoor Air conditions.

Xiaomi Smart Air Detector has been launched at a price of just $159.99, making it an affordable and crucial component for our homes. Having become a household name due to its wide variety of smartphone range, Xiaomi now plans to introduce various new techs and devices which convert our home into a smart ‘MI Home’.

Design and Appearance

Being an upgraded version of its predecessor, the screen size of Xiaomi Smart Air Detector has been increased to a 3.1 Inch display with 328 PPI. This IPS touchscreen has a large viewing angle, high contrast, and automatic brightness adjustment. The screen has a 15-degree elevation design along the main lower body. This makes it convenient to view and use.Xiaomi Smart Air DetectorThe device has a simple design and is very light, weighing just 217 grams. It has the dimensions of 8.50 x 6.84 x 8.63 cm making it no larger than a morning alarm clock. Hence it can be placed anywhere easily – bedroom, drawing room or even in the kitchen.

On the right below of the display, there is in-late where the indoor air goes in and Xioami Smart sensor detects the Air quality and lets you know how much humidity, carbon Dioxide it has.

Monitoring Air Quality

The Xiaomi Smart Air Detector has a 1.2GHz Quad-core A7 CPU, which makes its processing speed very high. It also has a Multi-mode Compensation Algorithm which can easily detect the changes in the concentration of the airborne particles making the reading more accurate.Xiaomi Smart Air Detector

This device detects the following parameters from the surroundings: 

  • PM5These are tiny particles present in the air, which reduces its visibility when present in large quantities. It is measured in micron-gram per cubic meter.
  • tVOC – Various organic compound particulates which are released into the air during daily activities like natural gas fall under the tVOC It is measured in milligram per cubic meter.
  • Carbon Dioxide Value –CO2 is released in the atmosphere from automobile emissions, natural breathing, factory smoke, etc. It is measured in parts per million (ppm).
  • Humidity – The amount of water vapor available in the air is generally less than the required quantity to saturate the air. It is calculated in percentage of relative humidity (RH).
  • Air Quality Index – This is a number used by government and agencies to show how polluted the current air is and how it will be in future forecasts.

One of the features which caught the eye is the color indication under various parameters. Although we get the readings, most of the common people do not know acceptable values. Taking this into account, the Xiaomi Smart Air Detector displays green when the value is safe and yellow when it crosses the safety mark.

The slanted L shaped design with the sensors on the lower part makes the circulation of air and PM2.5  through the high precision sensors very smooth and thus the device works very efficiently.

High Functionality

It also works as a normal table clock showing the time and date along with the detected airborne particles inside our home. The touchscreen shows various information on different slides which can be seen just by sliding sideways.Xiaomi Smart Air DetectorThere are three slides. First one is the clock mode with the weather forecast, date, and parameters shown in small bubbles inside the analog clock. In the next slide, only the detected parameters are shown along with a color indicator below. The third one is also an important slide showing the time, weather forecast, date, outdoor air quality (AQI), UV Index and licensed plate number.

It has its own dedicated app where one can also see the readings calculated by the Xiaomi Smart Air Detector on one’s smartphone. In the app, the information is displayed in a simple way through graphs and charts.Xiaomi Smart Air DetectorIt has the support of Wi-Fi connection and can thus connect with other smart Xiaomi devices through the Mi Home app. Through this app, one can see the details calculated by every Xiaomi smart device and even switch them on or off electronically.


Like other Xiaomi products, the Xiaomi Smart Air Detector comes with a good build quality and Best in class technology. With a price tag of just $159.99, this may become one of the most sought-after products in every family’s home as the levels of pollution are rising at an alarming rate, especially in towns and cities. This revolutionary device will alert us not only about the weather of our city, but also the pollution present in the air. This will enable us to take necessary precautions before coming out of the house for anything.