Xiaomi being the largest mobile seller in India now aims to capture market of other amenities. The launch of Mi smart TV is another lead in this respect. Now that Xiaomi has launched its drone, it is indeed progressing gradually in this respect. The all-newMITU Wi-Fi mini-drone is exciting at the very first sight. The drone is very convenient start-ups which are initially small-scale and aim to improve their services and reduce the time taken in the delivery of the service. The drone comes in an affordable price so that it is more than convenient for small-scale industries and start-ups. The drone has fetched the tech giant considerable appreciation through-out the globe. With this tremendous lead, the company is now motivated to try their hands in other appliances.

Everything you need to know about the Drone

Xiaomi MITU Mini RC Drone Review
Xiaomi MITU Mini RC Drone Review

Launched with a minimal cost of 79 USD, this particular launch has made the ordinary people believe that they can avail it at their private occasion. Due to the small size, the drone is indeed handy and can be used at very congested places without being noticed. For the ones who are planning to try it, Xiaomi Mitu is packed with a battery, charging cable, 6 rotors, prop guards and manual. It is operated using a smartphone and Xiaomi Mitu app. It’s pretty easy to operate, all you need to do is to enable your wi-fi and connect to the drone’s wi-fi. The password is by default 123456789.

The app is designed with a virtual joystick,but the drone can also be controlled using phone’s motion-sensing (gravity sensor). Dedicated buttons for every action is provided within the app.

The Bluetooth joystick can also be used to control the drone. At present, the range has not been specified within which the drone will respond to signal.

Xiaomi MITU RC Drone Review

The Mini Drone from Xiaomi!
The Mini Drone from Xiaomi!

Xiaomi MITU Drone is fitted with infrared combat mode. This feature is quite impressive. This feature induces a sense of gaming within two individuals using the same drone. What I tend to communicate is that if you both have the same drone, you can have air combat. Within the app, you can see virtual targets and then you can press fire and increase your scores.

It also comes with a 360-degree flip. This is indeed impressive feature for those who are fanatic about air combats and techniques.

Features at a glance

  • 720P HD Camera

HD Drone Camera
HD Camera for perfect view

The built-in 720P camera is tuned amazingly to capture pictures and videos from the sky and gives FPV transmission in real-time.

  • Precision Hover

Thanks to the Altitude Hold function, the drone hovers at a certain height, fly steadily and smoothly in the indoor environment.

  • Headless Mode 

Headless Mode 

Locking the current head orientation as the forward direction, even if rotating the drone does not affect the right forward direction of flight, making the manipulation more comfortable and more accessible to master.

  • G-sensor Mode

In the G-Sensor Mode, you can quickly move the device just by tilting it, which makes it much easier to control and fly without any problems

  • 360-degree Air Tumbling

Do a 360-degree flip, continuous roll for perfect action and fantastic performance.

  • Multi-machine Infrared Battle

The MITU RC drone has a multi-machine infrared battle function, enjoy yourself with your friends.

Below are some of the benefits you can avail by purchasing this device

  • Suitable for new players and indoor flight
  • Small size, easy to carry
  • Control height: 25m
  • APP download: QR code

Pros & Cons


The drone carries immense advantages, and it’schallenging to list few of them

  • First comes its size, it is very convenient as far as size is concerned.
  • Second, it is a very basic drone which is user-friendly. This is in favor of the beginners.
  • The third is the price. It is a very affordable appliance,and any common man can afford it.


  • Its camera quality is not very impressive.
  • The manual and all the instructions are in Chinese.
  • The drone is quite complicated to understand.


If you are looking for a camera and video recording that’s not the object you are looking for. It is favorable for snapshots and short clips. It seems like a fun frolic. The main issue with the camera is that its resolution is limited to 720P. The air combat feature comes as the game changer. It canattract mass based on the gaming concept.

Flying Performance
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