The brand new all-rounder Xiaomi Smart IP Camera is one step ahead of the previous Xiaomi night vision camera. The newer version claims to have 1080p videos and a wider field of 100 degree that lets you grab better imageries and more explicit videos. The embedded LED system of the camera has 11 940nm non-polluting LED for a clearer night vision. Let’s take a look at the specifications and features of this camera and let’s what it can do for you.

Xiaomi Wireless Smart IP Camera

Xiaomi Wireless Smart IP Camera Features

  • 1080P Resolution: 1080P resolution captures you clear images
  • 4X Zoom: Simply double-click to activate the 4x optical digital zoom to focus on small details
  • LDC professional lens for anti-distortion
  • Built-in 6 glass lens group which have a better optical performance when in poor light conditions
  • 10 LEDs IR lights provides the night vision
  • Two-Way Audio: Built-in microphone and speaker, support two-way remote dialogue
  • 360 Degrees Panorama: 360 degrees panorama brings a sense of immersive screen
  • Extended 32G Micro SD Card: Playback at anytime, in addition to real-time viewing, it can insert a micro SD card up to 32G memory
  • Compatible with Android 4.0 and above, with iOS 7.0 and above
  • FOV: 100.2 degrees

Human Shape Identification
A camera for human

The intelligent camera triggers the alarm as soon as a human silhouette is witnessed. The anti-intrusion device is a must for all the working parents who leave their children home alone. The camera is just perfect to be used outside the home, garage, indoors, bedrooms and lodges. It reduces the possibility of mishaps and robbery through its outstanding anti-theft features.

Voice Identification

The Xiaomi Wireless Smart IP Camera can detect the baby crying from 5 meters far away.  It shall alarm you by sending signals to your mobile phones or any other attached gadget. The built-in microphone of the camera allows you to watch whatever is happening in your baby’s room while you are away from home. The working parents often face the issues with the babysitters hitting their infants. However, with the Xiaomi IP Camera, one can stay relaxed and concentrate on their work peacefully. With the images and videos of your child always at your disposal, you won’t ever miss your child when you are off for an office tour. The camera shall give you every petty detail about your child and the way things are being managed at your place.

Gesture Identification

One of the best features of the Xiaomi IP Camera 2 is its gesture detection function. If you hold your hand and make a fist before it for more than 10 seconds, then the camera may find it fishy and will quickly report it to the user. The bare minimum distance needed by the camera for the gesture detection is 2 meters.

People Counting

When you need longer monitoring hours and sharper vision of everything happening in a particular area, then a security camera is a must. Being an individual entity, you cannot manage to be present at multiple at a time. Hence, the security camera comes to your rescue.

The Xiaomi IP Camera 2 is a sensitive camera that recognizes the human body. It can recognize how many people have stepped into your shop or home and the way they were analyzing the stuff. The multi-dynamic camera also communicates the total numbers of people working in the factory. The business owners need to take some concrete actions to protect their businesses. The Xiaomi Yi IP Camera 2 is one of the best choices they can get.  Once installed, the camera shall help you to scan every detail that you need to target. Even from the employee perspective, the Xiaomi Wireless IP Camera is a wholesome choice. Anyone who is venturing within the premises without your consent can be tracked and dealt. The installation of the camera gives peace of mind to the parents, entrepreneurs and corporate bosses.

How to Install Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Smart IP Camera

The urgent need to drill a hole and setting a long cable for installing the surveillance camera is certainly quite daunting for most of the people. However, with Xiaomi Yi IP Camera 2, you don’t have worry about anything. The camera set comes with a complete package that sets you free from any burdensome installation. The simple to operate camera system is worthwhile to own even by the ones who have little digital knowledge. Here are the simple steps to setup the camera:-

  • The instruction sheet of the camera comprises of the QR code that needs to be scanned by the phone. Subsequently, you need to download the yen home app. It is available for both Android as well iOS.
  • After you install the app, skip the initial page and only choose to click the “+” sign present in the second screen
  • Add your camera model
  • Ensure that the camera is plugged in into an electric switchboard
  • Ensure that it gets sufficient power supply for pairing with the mobile phone
  • Scan the QR code and set the password
  • After the installation has been executed, the surveillance camera shall turn blue in color. You will be able to see whatever is happening before the camera apparently.


The specifications and the features of this IP camera are beatable. You don’t have to install it from wire, just connect it to wi-fi, and it starts working for you. Overall this Xiaomi product is excellent products for the Parents who both are working as well others. So, do let us know what do you think about this IP camera below comment section.