Electric shavers were never affordable until and unless Xiaomi launched one. The brand of affordability is now all set to impress the buyers through the amazing electric Shaver that has been price at just $71. Currently, it is available at TomTop online website at a wholesome discount of 45%. You can order it at just $39.99 and get it delivered at your home right from the China warehouse.

Generally, you need to replace the electric Shaver after every 6 months. But this Model deserves an absolute investment from the buyers. With Turbo shaving capacity, you can comfortably shave your beard within fraction of seconds to get the look.


Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver

The Full Metal body with a touch of glossy effect clearly makes it different from other she was available in the market. It is slim and easy to grip for better gliding experience on your face. The triple blade head rotates at a comfortable speed to remove all the facial hair and give a perfect finish all together.

Rotary Blades

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver

Gone are the days when you had to agonize yourself for maintaining a perfect beard shape. Either, you were expected to spend money at a barbershop or struggle with the shaving equipment to get the exact cut. Sometimes you even got bruises and cuts because of a wrong turns. That Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver is going to be your rescuer this time. It can make you forget all those happenings with the 360 degree rotatory blade feature.


The Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver is comfortable to hold, and easy to clean. It’s an adaptable device altogether. It’s more than what do you normally get in an electric shaver. Try it up for 3 weeks, and find yourself to become absolutely perfect in beard trimming.Xiaomi Mijia Electric ShaverThe beard Shaver from Xiaomi was tested on 16 different contestants who were all set to purchase a personal electric Shaver. We tried shaping up beard of 8 candidates through an ordinary shaver while the remaining 8 were given grooming through Xiaomi product. There was a huge difference between the qualities of the beard shaping. We could see that while the ordinary Shaver; there was huge noise and quick rundown of batteries. Also, sometimes the devices made difficult to initiate hand movement which did not give a perfect beard shapes. Astoundingly, the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver won race through its Rotary cutting blade that performed extremely well.

Why to choose Xiaomi mijia??

The first and the most important reason to choose this device is the trust on Xiaomi. Being the Global leader, Xiaomi would never disappoint the customers by manufacturing product that does not impress the users. The floating head design perfectly easily clears away excess facial hair.

Since, it comes with embedded battery, the wireless Shaver give you a clutter free experience while using it. Once charged, you can detach the device from wire and use it as much as you want. It can work up to 8 hours on charging for 120 minutes.Xiaomi Mijia Electric ShaverThe Automatic shut off add more convenience to it. The moment it is fully charged, it automatically cut away from the power source. We have seen several beard Shaver that end up reducing the battery life because of being over charged. The low battery warning available in this particular model makes it more worthwhile.

The easy cleaning and sanitizing using a liquid soap further keeps your beard clean and away from germs. The mini brush is very easy to clean and does not require any special rituals to clear the facial hair stuck on it.

Wet and dry shaving

Xiaomi Mijia Electric ShaverRecollecting having in the middle of bathing? Isn’t it important for your beard trimmer to work in wet surface? The Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver works in both dry and wet surface to provide the best of outcomes. Also, it has minimum weight that allows you to conveniently trim your beard without giving any discomfort or pain in your hand.

What we got in the package?

On purchasing the products from tom top, we got huge discount of 45% along with the main product. The package also had a Mini brush and Charging Dock. The Electric Shaver has a head, cover and a body all together that needs to be assembled for beginning up with shaving task.


The quick charging Shaver took around 120 minutes to get fully charged. It requires 5V1A input power to do the needful. The black colored Shaver looks cool.


The Toy type Shaver comes in sleek design and comes with easy buttons for smooth functioning. The moment you would unbox the device, it is going to bring a smile on your face because of the beautiful look it has. Forget about visiting a barber shop on hiring experts to groom your look. Once you have Xiaomi shaver, you can DIY different looks cost free every day.