Just a few days back Xiaomi was there with an amazing 360-degree shooting camera. And, now the company has taken another move by launching the much featured Xiaomi Mejia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera. The world knows that xiaomi is the most preferred brand when it comes to buying something adorable. The quality and affordability ratio of xiaomi is identified as the highest so far. Even when you talk about the smartphone specifications, the features are far more than the tagged prices of the gadgets. In the series of the popular smartphone gadget, Xiaomi has Xiaomi Mejia 3.5k Panorama Action Camera.

Xiaomi mijia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera

Let’s take a look at the features and functions of this cool new xiaomi Panorama action camera.

Xiaomi Mijia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera Review


We have unboxed the featured smart camera and have brought the first-hand review for you. The panoramic camera is blessed with the high-end fish-eye lens. It lets you capture angular imageries at a complete 360-degree range. The camera has sensors at 16MP that be interpolated up to 23.88 MP for grabbing more refined pictures. The camera will certainly give you a happy shooting experience with a clear-cut resolution of 6912 x 3456 pixels.

Xiaomi mijia Panorama Action Camera

Another specification of the Xiaomi Mejia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera includes its capacity to captivate 3.5k video shooting. It has 4 optional modes that let you use it as a normal mobile camera as well. The inbuilt 6-axis shooting image stabilization is yet impressive features of the camera.  Furthermore, it lets you edit the clicked selfies through the third-party apps. If you desire to shoot videos then simply turn off the Wi-Fi and get an extended 90 minutes of shooting period. The high-quality panoramic recording comes with QC2.0 fast charging feature. Additionally, you get a very powerful 1600 mAh battery to capture more than 200 clicks within a small time span of 75 minutes. All the captured pictures are HD.


Xiaomi mijia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera ReviewThe Xiaomi Mejia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera is compatible with the xiaomi Mi VR glass. The panoramic camera stands out amongst its competitors. Hence, it is acceptable at a price range of 1699 Yuan. Most of the shopping sites offer up to 17% off on this camera model. It is available at Gearbest at the lowest price. The sophisticated look and high-end design of the camera would not only delight you but also envy the onlookers.


The Xiaomi Mejia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera model is packed in a square-shaped model with elegant black color. The look of the gadget is premium. It has metal chassis along with IP67 dust and water resistant features.  You can take the camera out for wildlife photography and trekking because hard weather conditions have no effect on its shooting quality.

Xiaomi mijia Panorama Action Camera review

The charging of the little camera can be done through the micro USB port. You can forget about the storage woes because this model is capacitated to support up to 128 GB of external memory.

Shooting models and camera quality

The Xiaomi Mejia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera has multiple shooting modes. You can choose amongst the flat, pent, and sphere mode to add a feather on your creativity. Even when you shoot while your hand is shaking, the captured pictures would not array any such symptom. There is always a perfect shooting experience with this spectacular camera model.

The Xiaomi Mejia 3.5K processor

Xiaomi mijia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera Review

Experts have integrated Ambarella A12 chipset in the Xiaomi Mejia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera. This is the primary reason why the images get automatically adjusted when you shoot them in odd conditions.  The camera model supports 30fps and 60fps video recordings with 2304x 1152 and 3456 x 1728 pixels respectively.

The Preloaded Apps

Xiaomi Panorama Action Camera

There is a huge collection of preloaded camera apps in the Xiaomi Mejia 3.5K Panorama Action model. You can get connected with other gadgets through its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. You can share pictures and videos very easily. In other words, it means that you can click pictures through this camera and upload it over the social media letter transferring it to your smartphone. But disappointingly, the xiaomi panorama camera does not show any compatibility with the Apple devices.

The final verdict

When you compare the Xiaomi Mejia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera model with MGCOOL explorer, you would find that the price range is somewhat higher. However, the kept price is quite justifiable when you compare the overall specs of both the models. The Xiaomi Mejia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera is the best choice for the ones who love photo shooting and do not want to compromise with the photo quality. It also befits the needs of those people who are extreme sports lovers and often go for trekking, hiking, ATV racing and snow skating. It is then when the weather resistant feature of the camera comes to its rescue. All in all, the camera is personally recommended by me because it has nothing that shall make you reluctant.