Welcome to the era of Smartphones

In the world of technology and development life without smartphones seems impossible; they are one’s key to the world. It connects one to the entire world and way back. A smartphone is a computer like mobile that works on the operating system specially designed for the device. They are portable and convenient to use.

The industry of smartphones is predominantly ruled by companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, etc. Apart from these leading smartphone brands. There are numerous companies, which keeps on experimenting with their features and aesthetics to attract customers and brand value. Though these brands are not as popular as the other leading companies, these phone brands launch phones that may beat majority leading phones.

Xiaomi MI5X Review

One such revolutionizing phone is the Xiaomi Mi5x Smartphone, with its stylish exterior and powerful performance it can beat the popular phones by Samsung. Moreover, the affordability criteria always rule this business; this phone fulfills all the checklist of a user who is looking for a stylish and efficient smartphone.  All the products by Xiaomi are products under a high-quality system in the headquarters, China.

Xiaomi Mi5x Smartphone is the phone that you have been dreaming about; it has got that beautiful body, the sleek, stylish look, and 100 % boosted functionality.

To know more about the product goes through the review and then decide if you want it or you want it!

What do you find when you unbox the Mi5x?

unbox the Mi5x

The excitement that lurks within you from the moment you order something till the moment you the product or commodity in your hand. The unboxing of the product is the most anticipated moment of any buyer; it is like a ceremony that everybody had been long waiting for. The moment you receive the packaged product you can’t have the product out of its carefully sealed compartment. The Xiaomi Mi5x Smartphone packaging is good quality with bubble wrap protecting the fragile content.

To know more about the substance of the box, please follow the review. If you are of those, who can’t be patient enough to unwrap the belonging then be careful because the material may unintentionally break down into the piece. The 2 layers packaging can be a little too much, but it is for the safety of the phone and its mechanics. The box does not only have the phone but has some essential competent devices that you may require while using the phone, following are the contents:

  • The first and foremost thing that comes out of the box is the print formatted user manual or guide that helps you operate the phone efficiently. Usually, the manual comes in English and Chinese language, but it may differ from country to country.
  • To state the obvious, the box contains the phone that one has been so badly waiting for, the Xiaomi Mi5x Smartphone.
  • 2 pin fast charger that helps you charge up the phone when it loses its battery life.
  • It also comprises of a SIM ejector device that helps you put the SIM in its place.
  • You also get a USB Type A to Type cable.

It barely takes you minutes to start up your phone after the unboxing and enjoy the new journey with your Xiaomi Mi5x Smartphone.

Design and measurement:

Design and measurement

According to the Review, the Xiaomi Mi5x Smartphone is better than its previous versions such as Xiaomi Mi5, Xiaomi Mi5s. The device is easy to operate and lighter in weight as compared to the contemporary handsets in the market. The phone is compatible with all kind of gaming or VR devices; you can plug it into varieties of devices as per your requirement and face no computing issues. Here are the some of the important specifications that may interest you about the phone.

The dimensions of this device is 145.6 x 70.3 x 8.3 mm (5.73 x 2.77 x 0.33 in)


Display Xiaomi MI5X

The phone comes with a high-quality glass back design that gives it a premium look; the metal frame of the phone gives a better grasp.

The 5.5-inch Full High Definition display with a broad range of color display gives it technical thumbs up.

Hardware specifications-

The Xiaomi Mi 5x is rumored to be coming with a 4GB, LPDDR3, RAM with a clocking speed of 933 MHz. Along with this, it will also have a very high internal storage capacity of about 64GB, which will also be expandable.

Camera Review

Xiaomi MI5X smartphone has 13 MP Rear camera along with the 5MP front camera. The camera quality of this smartphone is quite better than its predecessor xiaomi mi5c.

Additional features

  • You get an option of choosing between 32GB and 64GB internal storage capacity that may determine its price.
  • The design of the phone is exceptional, which makes it look like a high-end smartphone.
  • Its bright colors and HQ display give the user more satisfaction.
  • It is affordable and easily available online for worldwide users

Flaws of Xiaomi Mi5x Smartphone

  • It doesn’t support external memory, but given that the smallest memory that the phone offers is 32GB, it should be good enough for any usage.
  • The non-removable battery slot is another drawback of the phone; you definitely can’t replace it. Keeping a check on your Battery life is an essential.
  • If you are a fan of FM Radio, then you may be a little disheartened because this phone doesn’t support FM Radios.

Bottom Line

In whole, the Xiaomi Mi5x Smartphone is a great buy if you are looking forward to a phone that offers you all the feature of the GenY technology within affordable prices. You may find the Xiaomi Mi5x Smartphone Review quite helpful and enlightening. And we can conclude that in jest this smartphone can be something that you had been eagerly waiting for.