“A New Way to Watch & Listen”

Well, as we know Xiaomi is a favorite and dynamic tech manufacturing brand. And recently the company has launched a new laser projector in the market. The features and advanced technology used in Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short 5000 ANSI laser projector are fascinating. The laser projector is finely shaped with few of the most advanced features.

Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short 5000 ANSI Lumens Laser Projector
Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short 5000 ANSI Lumens Laser Projector Review

These futuristic features of Xiaomi projector include 150 inches full HD view and a highly influential battery that can continuously work for 20000 hours. Well, these were just a few essential features of Xiaomi’s laser projector as there are numerous other secondary features also available. So, let’s check out all the features Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short 5000 ANSI in our in-depth review.

Compact Body Laser Projector

Body of Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short

Usually, laser projectors are very heavy and difficult to carry. But, the Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short hasn’t received the best body award for anything. As the little rectangular box of the projector is very lightweight and carries a very compact design and built. You can easily store it in your TV cabinet, and its lens will work fine.

To produce vivid, high-quality images up to 150 inches, you don’t need to leave the projector very far. As with a mere 50 cm difference between the wall and the projector, it has the power to adapt the amount of coverage which is something extraordinary. That’s why we have to say that the body of the laser projector is among the best features of this device.

Stunning HD Viewing experience-

The 150 inches of HD view is the tagline of the Xiaomi’s Mi Ultra Short projector. The projector has ALPD 3.0 laser light source technology by Appotronics. It offers 47-inch display and supports 4K resolution. With light modes like highlight, movie, standard and Auto modes you can also save power and protect your eyes.

The device offers surprising visual graphics. The full HD resolution presents color temperature of standard, cold colour, and warm colour. That’s why it is tough to find any fault in viewing quality offered by this laser projector.

Monstrous Sound Quality

Dolby 30 W dual speakers
Dolby 30 W dual speakers for sound quality

Having the best audio quality is essential for a dynamic visual experience. And to compliment the 150 inches HD view, the Mi Ultra offers customized 30 W speakers set installed in the device. For ear piercing sound two megastar speaker systems are installed in the projector.

So in total two full frequency speakers and one high-frequency speaker are present in the projector. Where the dual DTS speakers are competent enough to support the 5000 lumens brightness. In short, these speaker sets are capable of creating theatre like experience at your home.

Voice Control Remote Control Device

The Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short projector comes with a strong multi-featured remote control. This remote control is packed with all the latest features such as voice recognition technology, sensitive touch gestures and high tech Bluetooth connectivity. That means simply command remote to change the channel and it will automatically change that for you.

Moreover, touchpad of the remote is very sensitive and you can operate your TV from large distances. And, with the help of Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect the projectors remote to your smartphone as well. So, the remote that controls Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short projector is quite amazing and very productive.

Life Long Lasting Lens

25,000 hours Battery Life span
25,000 hours Battery Life span

The battery of Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short projector can practically run for 25,000 hours. That’s pretty cool and no other projector offers such battery backup. According to the company, the lens of the projector can practically run throughout your lifetime. And the lens provides 25000 hours lifelong view. Which means one can watch two hours daily videos for 34 years. Now, that’s practically a period of a lifetime.

As we know that everything of a laser projector lies in its lens quality. So, we can say that Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short projector can be your one-time purchase.

Other Features of Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short

  1. The Operating OS of the laser projector is MIUI TV.
  2. It also supports Android OS supporting Android 6.0 and above.
  3. The device has dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4GHz + 5GHz connectivity to directly watch videos from the internet.
  4. It also supports Bluetooth V4.0 connectivity.
  5. The laser projector also supports HDR.
  6. It has keystone correction of four corners and eight corners.
  7. It also has power focus.
  8. One can also enjoy latest 3D videos and movies with the Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short laser projector.

Pros & Cons


  • 150 inches HD view
  • Dual high powered speakers
  • Compact Body Voice
  • Recognition technology
  • studded remote control
  • 35 years running lens


  • Very expensive for $2000
  • Its manual isn’t available in the English language


Along with some very cool features and stunning images quality, the Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short laser projector turns out to be a very promising device. So, if you want to convert your home into your personal cinema house, then investing in Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short would be an excellent option for you.

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