As we all know Xiaomi has become the fastest growing company in the world. Xiaomi that started with just manufacturing smartphones, the tech giant has launched its products in almost all the appliance fields. From projectors to a smartwatch, Xiaomi manufactures it all. With the company growing so fast, people have started trusting and investing in the company. Initially when it was launched people thought it to be just another Chinese manufacturer who won’t survive for long in the Indian and global markets, but it has never proved the rumors right.

In every initial year, it outshined many then established giants like Samsung, Nokia, Sony, etc. The company recently launched Mi pad 4 with the Mi 6 Pro.

The tablet industry which was once flourishing like anything has gone down drastically with only a handful of sellers surviving. While Apple leads the ways, Mi and Samsung are not very far behind. Mi launches its pads every year or even twice and thrice a year. The Mi Pad 3 was launched last year while 4 was launched recently.

Let’s compare the two and see what changes and improvements have been made in the upgraded version and has it proved to be up to expectations. So, let’s get forward with the comparison between Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Vs Mi Pad 3.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 vs Mi Pad 3

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Design and Built

This dimension of any tab is essential as it attracts the buyers most. Ths is the first thing that a buyer sees in an appliance and then movies to its specifications. Anyone cats the firsts impression of any appliance by its look only. So it plays a decisive role in comparison whenever made. While both have a metal body and same length, they differ mainly in weight and dimensions.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Review
                                                          Xiaomi Mi Pad 4: Design

As mentioned above this is the successor of MI pad 3. So it is apparently expected to be better than its predecessor in almost all aspects, and overall should be better than that. The Mi pad 4 comes up to expectations with very compact design at least more compact than Pad 3. The Mi pad 4 is lighter than pad 3 which will make it handy for the users to carry and use it conveniently. Facing severe criticism invariants and colors, Xiaomi decided to launch it in two-colors black and gold while 3 was launched only in gold.

Xiaomi Mi pad 3: Design
                                                          Xiaomi Mi pad 3: Design

The new version is always an improved one of the old version. This is very obvious that the shortcomings of this would have been removed in its next release. Same is the case with Pad 3. It was larger than pad 4 and also was launched only in one color- gold. This fetched the company a considerable criticism, and the company started manufacturing two variants of any tab.

Display Quality

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Review
                                                  Xiaomi Mi Pad 4: Design

The new Mi Pad 4 is far better in the display as compared to its predecessor. It has an HD+ display and has a larger screen than its previous version. It also has a 16:10 aspect ratio and 1920*1200 resolution for a better user experience. The viewing angle of the Mi Pad 4 is slightly better than Mi Pad 3.

Mi Pad 3 display

The Mi Pad 3 was indeed poor when it comes to display. It has a non-HD display which is entirely now the need of the hour. Its screen dimension was 7.9 inches which are smaller than tab 4. With 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution, and 4:3 aspect ratio, the display was not up to the mark.

Hardware and Software

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Review
                                              Xiaomi Mi pad 4: Hardware

The new and improved version runs on Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 @ 2.2 GHz and 512 Adreno GPU. The pad 4 comes in two variants, 3GB+32GB and 4GB+64GB. If you are thinking that internal storage is less then don’t worry, Mi Pad 4 support the TF card as well up to 256G. The Mi pad 4 supports high power Bluetooth and is designed to support Type C cable.

Xiaomi Mi pad 3: Hardware
                                                   Xiaomi Mi pad 3: Hardware

This was launched only in one variant, and as mentioned above, this fetched the company criticism and ultimately forced the company to begin the next versions in two options. This supported low power Bluetooth and didn’t support USB Type C. it is powered by a MediaTek processor which was of low powered as compared to Mi pad 4.

Camera Features

Camera forms an integral part of comparison and induces a sense of attraction. An ultra HD quality and crystal clear pictures would be more than sufficient for low budget tabs like this one.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Review
                                                        Xiaomi Mi pad 4: Camera

While there is no significant improvement in camera quality and specifications, the new version only comes with face detection and autofocus. This is a better feature for the pad 4 among the two. The 13.0 MP of rear camera and 5.0MP of the front camera doesn’t have the AI light so in the low light you won’t be getting any good images at all.

Xiaomi Mi pad 3: Camera

                                                                                 Xiaomi Mi pad 3: CameraAs mentioned above, there is no significant change in this regard. However, autofocus and face detection absent in earlier version. This was the only difference. Both of them have a 13 mp rear camera and 5 mp front camera which gives satisfactory pictures at least it is adequate for a low budget tab.

Battery Capacity

While the new versions are always improved and proves better, but I this regard, this theory fails to satisfy the comparers. This would have been somewhat disappointing for the users.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Review
                                                            Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Battery

This version saw a decline in the battery capacity as it is powered with 6000 mAh battery. This is not up to the mark for an 8-inch display tab but still performance is good. The Mi Pad 4 takes almost 4-5 hours to full charge and after a full charge, it can easily run up to 10 hours. There is no fast charging available you have to manage with the normal charging.

Xiaomi Mi pad 3 battery

                                                                          Xiaomi Mi pad 3 batteryThis tab saw a better battery which is generally out of the box and is not expected. It contained a 6600 mA battery with better battery life as compared to the new version which was launched recently.

Who Is The Best Mi Pad 4 Or Mi Pad 3

While the new Pad 4 is somewhat upgraded as compared to Tab 3, the battery disappoints the comparer. The core hardware features are better in Pad 4, and it also contains 4G LTE feature which wasn’t present in its predecessor. Both have the same camera quality with the design and display is better for the new version. Overall, the latest version disappoints only in battery with almost better in all other features than its predecessor.