Some of the most attractive headphones in the world are from a company which named “Beats.” They look contemporaryand are designed for better usability. On April 26, 2018, there was an authorized announcement of Xiaomi that they will also join the market of gaming headsets with their very first “XIAOMI Mi Gaming Headset.” The headset has received a very sophisticated gaming design and many other features. It also comes with a decent built-in microphone for connecting with other players in protracted fights. This innovationby Xiaomi is sure to offer fair competition to other renowned headset manufacturers. So in this article, we will be providing an in-depth review of the Xiaomi Mi Game Headset. Let’s begin

Xiaomi Mi Game Headset: Major Key Features

  • Bluetooth Headset
  • HD Sound Quality
  • Double Devices Connection
  • 5 Hours Talking

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset: Design

The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headset has a compact and lightweight design. It has an ultra-small, lightweight built that provides a very comfortable feel to the wearer. The soft silicone earplugs offer a snug fit, which ensures that the headset might not fall off or pop out of your ears while you are using it. The two small switches of this headset let you control music and calls with ease.Xiaomi Mi Gaming HeadsetAlso, the high-quality speakers produce a natural, high definition sound to give you the finest of both calling and music experiences. This headset is furnished with Bluetooth 4.1 that confirms a reliable and steady connection with smart devices. Accessible in a white finish, this Xiaomi Mi headset also offers anenduring battery life.

Xiaomi Mi Game Headset: Built Quality

PC users also get the specialized software, which can be used to select any color of the backlight, and even adjust numerous other features. You can also make one earpiece louder than the other. As the Mi Gaming Headsets are made of a pleasing tactile material, which is a unique foam. It does not lose form over time and does not absorb damaging organisms. A wet cloth can also clean protective covers for ear-cups.

Xiaomi Mi Game Headset: High-Quality Sound

The Xiaomi Gaming headset has superior speakers that providea more vibrant and stronger sound. Furthermore, the earbuds are intended by keeping in mind your coziness while  listening to music or calling. The output construction of the speaker has been preservedon a slim 3mm, which allows the headset to deliver accurate mids and highs, however,keeping the external noise to its minimum.

Xiaomi Mi Game Headset: Bluetooth Connectivity with Graphene Membrane

Also, this headset has a CSR8610 chipset that provisions Bluetooth 4.1, which offers improved device compatibility, compact 4G network interferences, plus better stability. Furthermore, the Bluetooth 4.1 lets you attach two phones simultaneously. Two dynamic 40 mm drivers through graphene membrane confirm a rich sound. High-quality plus at the same time costly graphene drivers are still comparatively new on the marketplace. It was merely in 2013 that investigators from UC Berkeley were capableof making a graphene membrane that is also appropriate for the audio sector.Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset

In compare to the paper, plastic, aluminum or titanium membrane, which usually is used, a graphene membrane is calmer to vibrate, has a considerably higher tear strength plus allows a smaller constructionsize. Sound benefits include a substantially higher volume without membrane damping plus undistorted sound reproduction in all frequency varieties.

Xiaomi Mi Game Headset: Virtual Surround SoundXiaomi Mi Gaming Headset

The virtual 7.1 surround sound promises a mainly spatial sound. In specific, gamers must be able to find sounds even better. The surround sound can be attunedthrough the software of the headset. By its dual cable managing, the Xiaomi Gaming headset couldbe functioned via USB in addition tothrough a conventional 3.5 mm jack audio jack. This creates it appropriate for use on the computer, notebook and mobile device.

Xiaomi Mi Game Headset: Dual MEMS microphones by ENC

Not like most gaming headsets, the microphones of the Mi Gaming headset are concealed in the ear cups.You look in vain for a microphone boom. Connected are two microphones of the kind MEMS (Micro-electro-mechanical System). The MEMS microphones are regularly used in mobile devices and offer an omnidirectional characteristic. To compensate for noise, the Xiaomi headset usages an Ecological Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology.

Xiaomi Mi Game Headset: Other Features

  • Easy to Operate: This Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headset is comfortable to operate. It has two trivial buttons that have a functionality of 8, thus giving you a hands-free experience.
  • Receive or Reject Calls: Separately from regulating the volume control plus music, you can receive or reject calls, redials calls, or make three-way calls by the two switches of this headset.
  • Can be used with mobiles: Also, this headset is the perfect choice for contemporary, mobile lifestyle.
  • Anti-oil Coating: Owing to its anti-oil coating, you do not have to concern about oil stains, scratches, oreveryday wear and tear. This headset offers a talk time of around 3 to 4 hours. Therefore you do not have to rush to the charger again and again.


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Decent built and design
  • Comfortable wearing experience
  • A bit pricey
  • Can be unresponsive at times

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset: Review & Conclusion

The Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset can be used in personal listening,and it can be the best compliment to the lately announced laptop by Minamed as the MiGame Book from XIAOMI. Also, the manufacturer has started selling a distinct gaming backpack, which can also be purchased online.Being a gaming product, the novel Xiaomi headphones bring a dowry Multicolored LED that can be modified using the PC software, choosing among fixed effects, buttons or musical rhythm deviations.

You can also customize sound effects on multiple types of games or music. For better compatibility,this gaming headset offers both a linkingthrough 3.5 mm and USB jacks by plug and play connections for instant use. Whereas, you can also use it via Bluetooth connectivity offering more mobility to the wearer.

Build Quality
Sound Quality
Price Worthy
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