Here is another impeccable launched by Xiaomi that would definitely compel you to search more about it. The Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones is finally launched. But they are not available on any e-commerce platform.

The real highlights of Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones are indeed out of the box. On purchasing one, we finally found that sometimes earphones can have a better roleplay than headphones. The one step ahead by Xiaomi in form of Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones is all about great design, appearance, specification and very affordable price.

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY: Design and Appearance

The Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones looks like a typical earphone when you talk about its construction. The dual earplugs and remote control cable are interconnected. It runs on Bluetooth 4.1 when connected to your smartphone. Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth EarphonesThe receivers, Bluetooth connected and batteries are all embedded within the earphones. The thin layer has all the tiny machinery which are required. Also, the quality is quite good as they automatically cling to your ears.

The neck hanging design is quite fashionable and trendy. You have to wear the earphones like a garland and tuck the earbud within the ear. The mixture of aluminum and abs element presentably gives it a high quality and best of appearance. Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth EarphonesThe installed magnet helps in stapling the ear but together when not in use. So forget about dealing with the entangling chords that irritate you just more than anything else. Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth EarphonesIt consists of three buttons and a tiny charging port. The three buttons are Play/Pause, Volume Up, and Down keys. You can also change the track, and activate the voice assistance of your smartphone with these keys. The built-in battery can run up to 8 hours according to your usability.

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY: Comfort

When we talk about comfort level on wearing LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones, it’s slightly less because of its unusual shape. But overall, the design makes it work if astonishingly better than rest of all the mediocre earpieces available in the market. You have to adjust A bit for sealing up the earphones in your ear. Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth EarphonesIt’s Indeed a wonderful companion for your long journey and continuous working hours. The Xiaomi Bluetooth earphone comfortably hooks up and do not get pressed when you exercise.

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY: The Sound Quality

The Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones have a convincing sound quality. The brilliance of sound is what I personally like a lot. It deserves a positive review from everyone who buys the product. The bathtub sound allowed me to enjoy Bass, governments and raised treble. Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth EarphonesThe CD level stereo sound support RAC decoding technology and provides you with high Fidelity music experience. The 360-degree coverage comes with surround sound technology and is extremely good if you love bass.  Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones

Overall, the sound quality of the Earbud is quite powerful and lively. It is absolutely natural and surprisingly extremely voluminous. Apparently, the integration of several drivers has made the magnetic earbuds works so well. You can always hand them on your neck without thinking about losing them. The dynamic music sound is fun to listen even when you are in a crowded place.

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY: Battery Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones

The standby time of the device is 200 hours, while talk time is 10 hours. With a battery capacity of 137 mAh, the device is quite good in everything we discuss.

Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY: Review & Conclusion

We can undoubtedly say that Xiaomi LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones belongs to the category of pearls. The Mi is definitely selling it at a very reasonable price on Gearbest. The line length of .8 and ergonomically design is giving it all to the gadget.

The LYXQEJ01JY Bluetooth Earphones definitely wins the race when compared to cheap Bluetooth music devices and earphones. The great comfort at affordable rates with unbeatable battery backup makes it the star of 2018.