Xiaomi has been lately establishing itself as a multi-dynamic brand name by launching various categories of gadgets. It has been bringing outstanding smartphones at the lowest range and is now heading itself towards the production of quality vacuum cleaners and smart watches. The very impressive watch by Xiaomi has been named as Huami Amazfit. The red color enticing watch is certainly going to complement your look on wearing it. Moreover, the peculiar design it has lets you carry it on a woman as well as a male wrist. It is just a perfect accessory to be flaunted in parties, get-together, and casual meet outs.

Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch The smartwatch has to be endowed with some amazing features like Bluetooth headset support, GPS navigation, battery life, songs play, push notifications and various other attributes, and that’s the reason why is it called the favorite of the sports lovers.

Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch Review


The screen size of the Amazfit watch is 1.3” with a high-end resolution of 300×300 pixels. If you want to make a phone call to someone, then this watch shall allow you to do so with its touchscreen display. The contents are displayed on the screen even during the lighting conditions.
Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch DisplayThere is just a single physical button located at the back of the watch without any special bulge. The primary purpose of integrating that button is avoiding any undesired pressure creation over the wrist of the wearer. You need to unlock the screen every time the watch needs to be used.

Hardware and design

The look of the Huami Amazfit has been made different from those sturdy type sports watches. It has a decent circular screen with rounded edges. The watch is a must grab for the ones who have always craved for a traditional and featured watches. The specification resemblance of the Huami Amazfit is of Xiaomi Mi watch. This model is better than the compared one. But, the primary motive to give the reference is to give you an idea about what the watch.

Memory & Processor

The watch is embedded with everything that would make you fall in love with it. The dual core 1.2GHZ processor will certainly take your heart away. Besides, the 512 MB RAM, 4GB ROM, and 200mAh battery would simply make the watch irrespirable to own. The latest technique of magnetic charging of the watch does not needs you to wade through the wired cables for charging it.

The software

The simple login feature of Amazfit lets you use the watch just like a typical smartphone. You can change the widgets, adjust the screen panel and adjust the interferences. Moreover, you can also manage the push notifications. The only lacking in the watch is that it does not let you download anything from the play store. But there is no provision to download anything in the tiny gadget.

The pre-installed MI fit lets the Amazfit easily coordinate with any of the Android based phone or tablets. However, the IOS users shall have to wait a bit to do it.

Motion monitoring functions

Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch GPS

The motion tracking is one of the prime features of the watch. The GPS and GLONASS systems of tracking let the watch precisely identify the cadence, elevation, place and distance. The watch is although not “THE BEST” in GPS technique, but it is certainly appreciable when pondered upon the price range it has.

Heart rate monitoring

Amazfit Smartwatch Hear rate monitor

The name Amazfit itself suggests “to be fit in an amazing manner!”. The smartwatch has been blessed with the Heart rate sensor that tracks the frequency of the heart rate. The Apple watch and Amazfit surprisingly have the same features. Moreover, if you are looking at the feature than it could be a great alternative to the Apple watch. The watch wins the race and should be ordered before you face the stock out!


Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch Battery

Every tech gadget you are purchasing the battery is one of the most prominent feature you need to look. When it comes to smartwatch the battery is always a considered features. The Original Xiaomi AMAZFIT is running with the 280 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery. The charging time is only 3 hours and it can last long for 5 Days with heavy usage. If you use only watch mode then it can run around 10-12 Days and 35-40 hours on continuously use the GPS. Moreover, the battery is really nice and with a great performance.

Colors available

Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch color

The Amazfit is primarily available in red color. However, it also comes up in the very tempting orange and the classy black collection. You can buy additional wristbands for changing hem and matching the watch with your attire color. Although, the bands are detachable and changeable in nature, Yet, it is advisable not to change them as they have unique features of sweat prevention and no irritation that lets you carry the watch for longer hours.


Overall the Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch is a great competitor for the other smartwatch and smart-band also. It can perform all the features of the smart band and smartwatch as well. The watch is available on the Mi store on the 145$ as well on the other E-Commerce sites also. But on the Gearbest is offering at 104.59$ and also $3.66 extra discount. 

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