By now it would have been pretty obvious to everyone that Xiaomi is very active in rolling out products that are innovative as well as productive. Considering the fact that Xiaomi releases products very frequently, it cannot always make big announcements for each of its products. That may be the reason for it announcing the Xiaomi MI VR Play 2 yesterday, silently.

Xiaomi MI VR Play 2

Only last year, Xiaomi unveiled two Virtual reality headsets. The first one was called MI VR Play which was the first-generation VR glass by Xiaomi and it was covered in lycra. Two months later, it announced MI VR which had inertial motion controller similar to Google’s Daydream View VR headset. And now, barely a year later, MI VR Play 2, an upgraded version of MI VR Play has come out in the market. Priced measly at 99 Yuan or $14, this virtual reality headset is actually very cheap but is nevertheless an improved version of its predecessor and offers much better comfort than MI VR Play. But MI VR Play 2 still requires a smartphone to function and can be used for seeing VR apps, movies, TV shows etc.

The first major difference between the latest version and its predecessor is the shape of the VR headset. Xiaomi has ditched the rectangular box-like shape of MI VR Play and has incorporated a rounded shape similar to spectacles. Hence it looks better and natural to use it. The headset can support mobiles with a screen size of 4.7 to 5.7 inches and weighs 183 grams which are lesser than the first version. As a result, wearing is comfortable and does not weigh down. The spandex, lycra outer adjustable outer cover is replaced by an elastic nylon headband in MI VR Play 2. However, Xiaomi has done away with the zipper which enclosed the mobile phones completely. So if you are particular about your phone not peeking out, you may feel bad if your phone has a big display.

Xiaomi MI VR Play 2 BackSide

On the inside too there are some subtle changes. The area that surrounds the eye region is lined and padded with a soft, porous material which feels comfortable while wearing. Also, there are a lot of holes in it to provide a good air circulation around the face region covered by the VR headset. Hence, no one has to fear about feeling hot on the inside. Inserting mobile phones into the headset has also been made easy. Overall, MI VR Play 2 is a good improvement over the previous one. It costs lesser than its competitors but Xiaomi never compromises quality. So reaching out to buy MI VR Play 2 is definitely a good choice.