Everyone is aware of the Xiaomi Growth Into the Smartphone as well as the Wearable market. Now company willing to maintain that growth and increasing that by introducing the New Smartphone and Smartwatch. After a great response from the Users on the Amazfit Pace, the company is all set to launch the New Xiaomi Amazfit BIP. The Amazfit BIP is featured with the 45 Days of battery life, GPS, IP68, Smart Notification on a rectangle Dail. There are more to know about this Amazfit BIP Smartwatch. The watch is offering great features at the exceptional price.

You don’t have to compromise on carrying a fitness tracker on wearing the Amazfit BIP. The Amazfit BIP smartwatch has everything that would make you crave for this masterpiece. It has got that typical smartwatch kind of look, but the features and specifications are outrageously exceptional.

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Xiaomi Amazfit BIP Review

Xiaomi has been an exclusive production of Huami. The company has been manufacturing some of the best fitness bands that have been the best sellers. Amazfit BIP smartwatch comes with an inbuilt GPS bad Bluetooth connectivity. It also has a substantial RAM that gives a capacitated internal storage to the machine. At just $69.99 the watch would give you everything that a high priced gadget would bestow.

Attractive Design 

Xiaomi Amazfit BIP Review

The underbelly of the Amazefit BIP smartwatch comprises of porcelain as its primary material. The upper glass has a chrome metal finish. There is a single button located at the right Bazzel of the watch that provides a dissimilar look to it. The high-end rubber strap can be availed in many color combination. It is water resistant and resolute in quality that allows you to swim while wearing it.

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Responsive Display

Xiaomi Amazfit BIP Review

The display comes with 320 x 320px resolutions. It has 1.28 inch with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass screen. The best suitable screen size with high definition picture displaying gives you the great experience. Trans-reflective technology is something that you do get to commonly see. The watch also allows you to read right under the sunlight. It has impressive back lights along with tap to wake display and twist gesture. The bright display of the watch serves you in every kind of light conditions.

Fitness Tracking Machine

Amazfit BIP smartwatch is primarily a fitness watch. The Watch has the 4 Sports modes as Running Outside, Treadmill, Walking, and Riding. The watch is programmed to measure your calories, sleep, distance, and heart rate. The overall activities that you would execute while wearing the watch would get noticed by the wrist piece you carry. No matter whether you run, walk, indoor activities and bike ride, the watch would everything to make you impressed.

Xiaomi Amazfit BIP Review

The capability to track objects and body structure is just perfect. The voice imparts you a notification after every single mile you travel. The indoor treadmill steps are calculated on the basis of steps taken. The overall accuracy percentage lie in-between 85%-90%.Xiaomi Amazfit BIP Review

The watch needs to be paired with the smartphone for tracking the exact GPS location.  It establishes synchronization through an app called strava. The activities are well tracked through this app in the most visible form. Not only the total steps were taken, has the Amazfit watch also tracked your sleep with the best possible convenience.


The Amazfit BIP is compatible with the both iOS and Android Devices. It performs seamlessly with the devices and let you access all notification on your wrist. To get more control on the watch need to download companion app from the App Store. Once you have that app at your disposal, you can conveniently customize the appearance and overall look of the watch with it. The design and the features are more of a customized for overall activity tracking.

Battery Performace

Xiaomi Amazfit BIP Review

A smartwatch that doesn’t have a good battery is totally a waste of money. However, you don’t have to fear when you own something like Xiaomi Amazfit. With the 190mAh battery capacity of the watch have the ability to run the 45 Days without charging. Now you don’t have to carry the charger every where you go. Just charge it for once and done. It also has a USB port that gives it a faster charging experience.


You can buy this smartwatch from the Tomtop at the $63.99. As far as our team surveyed, there is no watch that can give you so many features at this range. There is two version of the watch one is Chinese and other International. You can select as per your convience.