From its award winning designers to its cutting-edge technology, AmazFit produces the slimmest and lightweight smart-wears available in the market. With Xiaomi behind them, Amazfit really is the market leader in quality smart-wearable throughout the Globe. So, today we are going to see the New Xiaomi Amazfit Arc specifications and features which make it elegant.

Amazfit Arc review

Xiaomi AmazFit Arc Review

AmazFit Arc is a smart band, packed with some astonishing features. With its stunning design and quality, nothing beats it to second. It helps you monitor your daily health, thus keeping you healthy. The Amazfit Arc indeed focuses on some of the major demands of users and avails us almost every need of latest fashion world and technology.

What makes Amazfit arc so impressive? Have a look on following points:

  • It automatically tracks your heart beats, steps, traveled distance, burnt calories, and the quality of your sleep. Total health control now in your hands.
  • A single time charge of AmazFit Arc keeps it up for 20 days continuously, can you believe it!
  • All your tracked data and its time & date are just a touch away; you can easily view them whenever you want.
  • The AmazFit sports a scratch resistant OLED touchscreen.
  • The product is water and dust resistant, in addition, it holds an IP67 standard certification for that.
  • It includes a smart vibrating alert for calls and alarms. No more irritating rings anymore.

Looking for more?

Below is the complete in-depth details regarding the Xaiomi AmazFit A-1603.

General Information

Amazfit Arc review

The Xiaomi AmazFit A1603 has a 0.42 inch (1.07 cm) UV coated OLED display making it scratch-resistant. It also has a Bluetooth0 4.0 in-built. In addition to all these features, AmazFit can also find your phone for you, show incoming calls and the best of all it visualizes all your monitored data through it’s free of cost Android or iOS application. For every notification, your mobile phone or the band itself gets, Amazfit Arc will notify by vibration.


Considering shape and weight of the band, it meets all the modern must-have requirements for every person on the globe. The dial size is 4.47 x 1.9 x 1.1 cm, and the shape of the dial is rectangular. The case material is primarily Aluminium and polycarbonate (PC) making the case highly durable and a quality-grade component. The band material is TPSiV, a perfect quality material which is both smooth and durable. Talking about the band dimensions, the amazfit arc is 24.8 x 1.9 cm.

Amazfit Arc review

The total weight of the product is approx 0.0200 kg making it hard to feel on your wrist. The straps are durable; they won’t detach even with hard practices.

Hardware Components

Xiaomi Amazfit A1603 is made up of high-grade hardware components making it as fast as light. The A1603 comes with 128KB of RAM and 8MB of ROM. The other components and sensors are power efficient and highly durable playing their key role in its effective power management and thus providing a greater standby. According to the officials, Amazfit A1603 contains a high precision heart-rate sensor, which is the core of this product. The band also includes an accelerometer for convenience.

Amazfit App

As you can tell by its looks, the Amazfit Arc doesn’t have much of a display for displaying anything on its dialer, and this is where the Amazfit app comes in handy. The Amazfit app is available on Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS) for free. You will have to set it up first, and you will be ready to go in no time. So, what the app basically does is that it creates a profile of the wearer and then automatically updates all the information over to the application which has been recorded on the watch. This allows the user to move freely and let the tracker keep an eye on his health and other essential aspects like heart rate, etc.

For Android Users

[appbox googleplay com.huami.midong.usamazfit&hl=en screenshots]

For iOS Users
[appbox appstore 1081516133?mt=8 screenshots]

This app can also be used for watching over other activities like sleep monitoring etc. which is essential for our body.

 Monstrous Battery Back-up

 Talking about the battery, Amazfit A1603 has a 70mAh high-density lithium-ion battery. The battery is lightweight and very efficient. As reported by Amazfit and most of the arc users, the battery of Amazfit Arc takes about 3 hours to charge completely. Using all notification alerts along with GPS makes the standby time for Amazfit Arc 20 days. Moreover, you can use arc for 480 hours straight on a single charge. It also has a standby time of 60 days. The battery of Amazfit Arc is great compared to most of the smart wearable available out there with same specifications.

In the Box

Well, it’s pretty obvious considering the price of this watch that, it won’t be coming with any additional accessories and it actually does not comes with any at all. The only few things you will get in the box will be the Watch which is designed in such a way that it won’t need anything more than a strap itself. And a single USB cable for charging and that’s it. There is a user’s manual and an instruction guide available to the buyer for easy understanding and usage of this device.

amazfit arc review

The overall packing is done very nicely with sturdily packed packages making the pack small and straightforward, basically with a minimal and simple touch.


Well, we all know that no matter how good a watch is if it isn’t comfortable then there is no meaning of buying it, as you will avoid wearing it if it isn’t comfortable. And this is where the overall comfort of a device comes into play. And, thankfully nothing like that with the stylish Xiaomi Amazfit Arc, as it only weighs around 20g and has abundant space for adjustments, in fact, the long dialer gives it extra hold and hence the user will never be facing the issue of comfort and it would be a hard job to find someone who doesn’t feel comfortable while wearing it.

Bottom Line

So, after reviewing the Xiaomi Amazfit Arc and studying its usage, we can say that this is a combo of a smartwatch as well as a fitness tracker. Which is extremely helpful for the user himself. And if you’re looking for an affordable solution for health related problems and want to keep an eye on your health than the Xiaomi Amazfit Arc is definitely a great pick for yours.

Best Place to Buy

The Amazfit Arc is listed on the many e-commerce sites like Amazon, GearBest, Aliexpress etc. So, you don’t have to go anywhere, we have listed the most trusted e-commerce site with the best price. You can buy this excellent smartband at best price.