XFyro is an internationally renowned wireless earbud manufacturer. It has stores in many big regions like New York, Hong Kong, LA, etc. The company works day in day out to provide a cutting-edge audio experience with its great technology, style, and quality. In this article, we will be talking about the XFyro ANC Wireless Earbuds. The XFyro ANC Wireless Earbuds are powerful earbuds.

Xfyro ANC Wireless Earbuds Review

These buds are backed by XFyro which received a very successful crowd funding last year. The earbuds do have some impressive claims. Including its long battery life, it also comes with revolutionary waterproofing technology. With the XFyro ANC the company is dedicated to create the Next Big Thing in the audio section.

The ANC Wireless Earbuds are not only affordable but also come with a plethora of features. So, if you’re looking to buy the all-new ANC Earbuds keep reading. As below you will find a detailed review of the ANC Wireless earbuds.

Key Highlights

  • IPX5 water resistance, shockproof, and dustproof build.
  • Comes with latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • AI-Powered Noise cancellation
  • Listening time of up to 100 hours of charge with the case.
  • Graphene 7mm drivers for amazing sound and crystal clear audio input.
  • Hands-free stereo calling
  • Ambient noise cancellation and CVC noise isolation technology

XFyro ANC Wireless Earbuds Review: Design and Build

The XFyro ANC Wireless Earbuds comes with a unique cylindrical-shaped ergonomic design. The Earbuds comes in a coin-shaped look that is suitable for all types of ear curves. The tips of the buds ensure to create a seal within the ear to prevent any outside noise from disturbing the sound delivered by the Earbuds.

It comes with a LED light and a single control button that is used to play and pause your music, skip tracks, pick up and disconnect calls. The entire body of the Earbuds is coated in the soft-touch rubber material which makes them snug fitting in the ears.

You can also change the volume directly on them just by double-tapping on either of the left or the right sides. This is one of the features that is usually not provided in most wireless earbuds.

The magnetic points of the Earbuds we strategically placed to allow the buds to fit back into the case easily. The case has two bud-sized holes which allow the Earbuds to slide and click into the place without much effort making sure that the buds don’t fall off from its place. The design of the battery case is constructed entirely out of a soft touch rubber material. It feels quite rugged and doesn’t attract too many fingerprints. The cover is magnetic and when you open it, you will see LED lights on the front.

One of the more interesting and unique parts of the design is that there is a physical power key in the center of the case. When the button is pressed, the Earbuds are turned off and it will start charging in the case. When the button is released, the Earbuds will turn on and will start pairing with your phone.

XFyro ANC Wireless Earbuds Review: Sound Quality

Superb sound quality in XFYRO ANC earbuds
Superb sound quality in XFYRO ANC earbuds

Quality is something XFyro will least compromise. And the ANC proves nothing less. The audio quality of XFyro ANC Wireless Earbuds is definitely good especially it’s bass. It’s one of the strongest bass that I have come across in recent times.

XFyro ANC also comes with AI filters preinstalled that will filter the sounds you might want to hear from its distinct sound memory.

The mids and highs are also decently balanced. The sound quality is very rich and clear even at loud volumes with loads of bass and the same goes for vocals which are very clear. For an average user, the sound quality will be more than satisfactory.

XFyro ANC Wireless Earbuds Review: Battery Performance

Fast charging in XFYRO ANC earbuds
Fast charging in XFYRO ANC earbuds

Another note-worthy feature of ANC is it’s over the top Battery life. As you might know Battery life always plays an important role in a wireless device especially in earbuds.

The ANC Earbuds have 10 hours of battery life on the earbuds in addition to the 90-hour battery back up in the charging case which certainly looks quite good on paper. This makes a total of 100 hrs. of battery back along with its case.

However, on average use, it lasted up to a maximum of 8 hours and decreased even lower to 6 hours while listening at higher volume with heavier bass music. The charging case consists of a decent battery which is slightly more than its other counterparts. The case delivers somewhere about 80 hours of back up charge in reality. It also comes with Type-C quick charging.

XFyro ANC Wireless Earbuds Review: Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity in XFYRO ANC earbuds
Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity in XFYRO ANC earbuds

u might ask what’s new. It’s just Bluetooth 5.0 like always Bluetooth has upgraded as usual. But, you’re missing something, the all new Bluetooth 5.0 comes a much improved audio transmission. It provides much better auto-pairing capacity and connectivity of up to 30 feet.

This wireless earbuds also offer data transfer rates. This eventually increases the quality of audio output providing a lossless audio experience. As I said ANC Wireless Earbuds comes with the latest Bluetooth technology be ready to experience no latency and much lesser buffering, with increased range and better Bluetooth coverage.

XFyro ANC Wireless Earbuds Review: Setup and Connectivity

Many people think that setting up Earbuds is a complicated job. Due to which they move away from Wireless earbuds and pick a normal earphone instead. But, what they don’t understand is that setting up Earbuds is a one-time process. After you connect it once it automatically reconnects whenever you turn it on. And the setup of XFyro ANC Wireless Earbuds is quite simple as it comes with Bluetooth 5.0 it’s faster than ever.

To connect ANC Earbuds to your smartphone just take it out of the case and it will turn on automatically. Now turn on the Bluetooth settings from your phone and search the device. Once the ANC earbuds show on it, tap connect and pair and it will connect easily with your smartphone. The ANC Earbudscomes with IPX5 water resistance and is also sweat, and dustproof. So you canot use it during swimming and but you can use it while other outdoor sports activity.

With Google and Siri compatibility, you can use your voice command to do the tasks. It is compatible with both Android and iOS which makes it one of the best features of this Earbud.

XFyro ANC Wireless Earbuds Review: Other Features

The ANC Wireless Earbuds comes with many additional features. It is manufactured with world class water resistance technology and is IPX5 certified. This makes it sweat and dustproof which is very important nowadays. The ANC earbuds also come with good quality dual beam-forming microphones.

As ANC is AI-powered it comes with AI transparency mode that offers sound filtering. ANC also comes with ambient noise cancellation and CVC noise isolation that provides clear audio even in bad conditions. So, you can toggle between AI transparency, ANC or standard audio output. The XFyro ANC Wireless Earbuds also have touch sense control for playback and call controls. You can also use it to access your inbuilt Assistant.


So, that was all, if you are looking for a wireless Earbud that can give you a stable performance. Along with long-lasting battery performance and many important additional features.

Then XFyro ANC Wireless Earbud is the best to go for. Although these earbuds are not so good for taking calls, but with a price tag of only $125, this earbud is so good for people who do a lot of sports activity and for people who want rich sound with an option to have AI filtering and many such cutting-edge features.

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