Are you planning to upgrade your Android tablet? Excited about buying a new phone again with thrilling new features? Well, the world of Android smartphones and tablet are changing every day and new amazing features are added with every latest update. So what you should do with your old Android Tablet? The short answer will be to sell it. You can get a really good offer from craigslist or any other free classified website.

But, wait! Selling your Android tablets needs special precautions to take first unless you want some hacker or intruder steal and misuse your personal and private data. If you have confidential documents, personal pictures, messages and contacts then first, you must wipe out your Android tablet completely. Fortunately, all Android phones come with great factory reset options but in this tutorial, we will take a step further and will show you how to clear all data from your Android tablet permanently beyond recovery. So, let’s jump in and see how to wipe Android tablet.

Solution 1: Wipe Android Tablet by Hard Reset Android Tablet.

If you are selling your Android tablet to your siblings or cousins or relatives then this method should sufficient assuming they won’t harm with your personal data even if they recover it. Hard resetting is very simple and it will erase your entire phone with just following few simple steps mentioned below.

Step 1. Turn off your Android tablet and reboot it by pressing Power, Home, and Volume Down buttons together.
Step 2. When the light appears on your phone, leave the Power and Volume down button but keep pressing the Home button.
Step 3. As soon the phone enters into recovery mode, you can release the Home button as well and use the volume up and down button to scroll through the options.
Step 4. Choose “wipe data/factory” and press Home to select the option followed by select “yes” to confirm the process.How do you wipe an Android Tablet

Your phone should take few minutes to complete the operation and it will completely erase all data from your phone.

How do you wipe an Android Tablet


• Not a secure way to erase data since all the deleted items can be recovered with any data recovery tool.
• Any malfunctioning can corrupt your device if the factory reset fails.

Solution 2: Wipe an Android Tablet with Professional Desktop Utility

If you are trying to sell or donate your Android tablet to an unknown stranger then certainly you should never rely on free deletion techniques. It may seem that all the data are deleted from your device but in reality, all the deleted items are still present on your phone in a physical state that doesn’t appear on your phone. Truth to be told, all these deleted data can be recovered effortlessly using the right recovery software. So, if your tablet has any kind of confidential files that can be misused if fallen on wrong hands then you must seek for a way to permanently erase all data from your device.

SafeWiper for Android has been erasing all data from Android smartphones and tablets from a long time and helping everyone to securely wipe out their phones without giving any chance to recover them. It is true that any data deleted with SafeWiper for Android is permanent and it is guaranteed that those items can never be recovered at any cost. It uses very complex and recursive algorithms that are originally used by U.S army and FBI agents to clear their private removal disks. Erasing data with data erasing tool is just like tearing the papers with metal shredders.

For your convenience, this program works on both Windows and Mac computers and it offers 3 innovative ways to erase data from your phone. You can also preview the data before deleting them so that you don’t end up erasing files that you don’t want to.Step by step guide on how to wipe an Android tablet with Data Erasing Tool.

Step 1. Install Safewiper for Android on your system by finishing the setup wizard and run it to see its main user interface.

Step 2. Connect your Android tablet to PC with a USB data cable and enable USB debugging mode on your phone.How do you wipe an Android Tablet

Step 3. If everything is done correctly then your phone will appear on the home screen of the data erasing tool with the necessary information like the below screenshot.

How do you wipe an Android Tablet

Step 4. Since, you are erasing every day from your tablet, select “Erase All Data” and let the software monitor all data from your phone.How do you wipe an Android Tablet

This article takes erasing text messages as an example to explain how it works, you can also use SafeWiper for Android to delete photos on Android completely.

Step 5. After the scanning is finished, you should be able to analyze each and every item from your phone and select all the data that you want to delete and click on “Erase” from the bottom right corner of the tool.

How do you wipe an Android Tablet

Voila! You may now check your phone and it should be totally clean.

Conclusion –

Certainly, if you only to wipe your tablet your phone without having any fear of losing identification then you can go for a hard reset but if you are giving out your phone to some total stranger then obviously, you must clean your phone with Safewiper for Android before handing it to the next person. You never know what kind of people you are dealing with, so you should be cautious. If you have any query about the product then kindly, share it with us in the comments below.

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