Social networks have united billions of users from all over the globe. People who speak different languages and reside in different corners of the world now freely communicate and interact. Moreover, each social network has its peculiarities and specific opportunities for business. So is launching a website necessary when you can use social networks for sales effectively? The answer is yes, and here’s why.

Why social networks aren’t enough?

You aren’t the owner

Let’s start from the most obvious and painful moment: formally, a particular social network owns the content, not you. An account or community in social networks can be blocked for numerous reasons, including reports by your competitors that can be not even true. You risk losing a platform for some time before admins check the reports.

Limited audience

Despite those billions of accounts globally, some people don’t use any social network. Launching a website helps you to overcome geographical limits, to communicate with people with different interests and views. It becomes the web headquarters open 24/7 and an opportunity for your business to enter the global market.

Structure & functionality

A website helps to gather everything in one place. It provides structured data about the company’s location, history, services, prices, values, etc. It softly explains why you are worth attention, what makes you stand out from the rest. Users don’t face any difficulties with finding this information, and you don’t have to explain over and over again.

Unique branded design

You can come up with the design you like only if you launch a website. There are no limits for your imagination. The development requires certain investments, but it is always worth the result: design helps to shape a recognizable brand.

Collecting information

With an official web platform, you get an opportunity to find out more about your audience. You can create a database of emails to use in further promotions. You can track user activity – the most frequently visited pages, actions and peak activity, customer journey, how a user landed on your website, etc. Analytics is essential for building a proper business strategy.

SEO traffic

There are users who find your website accidentally – at least that’s what they think. Proper SEO settings bring a lot of customers who enter search queries in Google and see your web resource among the results. With operating social networks only, you are not able to control this.

Investment in your reputation

A business without a web platform is not something special nowadays. However, such an approach affects your reputation. It may be just inconvenient for a user to scroll down the feed to find something or your company will seem unreliable. By launching a website, you present the personal style, make your business recognizable, and take care of usability.

Launching a website is not difficult

You don’t have to spend much money on UI/UX design or development. Website builders like Weblium are the perfect alternative. You get access to a huge selection of website templates for diverse businesses – from blogs and artist to investment and insurance companies websites. Choose what meets your expectations, leave a request, and you will get a website in a couple days. Moreover, you can use the builder to do everything on your own – good content and the basic knowledge of web editors is all you need.

5 goals you can reach by launching a website

  1. Effective online sales. Selling via a website is convenient for a user and makes you recognizable.
  2. Cooperation with partners. You can optimize e-commerce processes through an official website and even break into the international market.
  3. Communication with employees. When your corporation grows, it becomes a tool that helps to keep everyone aware of what is going on.
  4. Build the company’s image. Make the website engaging, professional, interesting so people will pay attention to its design and functionality.
  5. Set the connection with users. People get an opportunity to receive the full information about your company, contact managers, write reviews about items and services, find out the news.