Do you ever feel like software should be there to help you manage your employees in and outside of your office? If you are dealing with a remote-working situation, don’t worry, this article is going to elaborate on everything you should know about helpful software. Nowadays it literally becomes a tough task to make surveillance on our employees if we run an organization. It is a bit difficult to consider their entrance and exit from the organization on a day-to-day basis. 

Now you will be able to manage precisely your whole staff in real-time with Buddy Punch. You can track them anytime after they punch online. It is quite simple to integrate with the accounting software and the leading payroll providers as well. Moreover, when it comes to running payroll we prefer to tap on export or prefer to download Excel, PDF, or CSV.        

Buddy Punch is an online time clock software which is actually a cloud based system. It will simplify to collect timesheets of your business for the current and upcoming years. Your workers just come to the website for their punch in requirements and this website can readily be viewed right from any device that is connected through the internet. The website and app both run smoothly on Android and iOS the devices. 

Buddy Punch’s time clock software can integrate very easily with several invoice, schedule and payroll processing tools that help you to simplify the whole management procedure of your office as well as record invoicing hours of the employees. This software is the ideal one for those who are the owners of small businesses and peeking for the scheduling software to keep track on their workers time and shifts.   

A process to use this system     

Here are some steps provided follow to use this system – 

  1. First, you are required to add your all employees on Buddy Punch. 
  2. Afterward, Buddy Punch will send usernames and passwords to the employees. 
  3. Now they can log in here for punching in and out.  
  4. At last, you login over here to collect the total login time of your employees at the end of the pay duration. 

Track login time with different devices  

It is obviously feasible to track the login time of your employees with different devices such as PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Buddy Punch endows you enough control and flexibility as well as it saves your valuable resources. It works outstanding on any device which is connected to the internet. Furthermore, you can also check out the app available for both Android and iPhone devices. 

Likewise, you can specify also that from which IP addresses your workers can only punch in and out. Do you have employees just out in the field else do you want them to become capable of using their smartphones to punch in and out? Buddy Punch nicely works on Android and iPhone devices similarly. 

Login choices  

You can decide only how your workers will punch in on this tracker. Though, you have numbers of choices to log in over here including username and password, face or eye recognition, recognition, email id, and unique QR Code. 

When we talk about the QR Code option –    

Each worker is entrusted wholly a unique QR code. Now those workers can scan that QR code through taking use of any webcam or smartphone. Finally, system punches in and out those workers and takes their images. So that’s how the QR Code works to punch in and out for the workers.  

Features of Buddy Punch  

You can save your precious money when you simplify online your timesheets. You don’t need to spend a high amount on purchasing of extra stuff. Buddy Punch is the time clock software that keeps a completely customizable interface which can be readily integrated with most of the payroll management tools. You are free to produce a weekly report that contains how much time you have spent on a particular project. Also, you can set here reminders or notifications, and the account for any budget expenditure which is based on the assignment time.  

When we come to the features of Buddy Punch, there are lots of things to consider in order to choose this time clock software – 

  • Vacation and Personal Leave Tracking – When it comes to vacation and personal leave tracking, this comprehensive time clock software is really affordable for the company owners. Buddy Punch plays a vital role when your worker needs a vacation, sick off, etc. They simply lodge a request about their leave or off on the time card. Now you can easily set up a Buddy Punch for asking your approval else set up for auto-approval. 
  • Automatic Breaks – Another best feature of Buddy Punch is automatic breaks if you want your workers automatically to be punched out right after a time span what you have set. All you need to set here a rule and then go ahead by assigning it to any workers numbers. In this way, you become competent to know anytime who log in late from their breaks. 
  • Project Codes – When you have a large number of projects on which your workers work, you intend to know about the time duration what they spent on each project. You can assign particular projects to your workers so they can choose any to punch in and out from those. In this way, you can manage simply the workflow and progress as well.   
  • GPS Tracking – You get GPS Tracking for every login or logout for your employees. You can find out simply from where your workers punch in and out. This greatest time clock software is proficient to track and audit well every single shift of the day for the simpler timekeeping. Now don’t make any delay to go with Buddy Punch. 
  • OT Calculations – Overtime Calculations is an essential and mandatory part to calculate the salary of employees. You can decide here, on what way you want to calculate the overtimes of your employees. You also get an option of not to calculate overtimes. 
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