Photography is an art and it is often heard that art imitates life. Life is the biggest example of how even the smallest of things can be beautiful. Photography is done to keep our memories safe with us because when people leave, only memories stick by. What if you were to keep those memories with you in the most polished form?

This is what we shall be talking about today. Something that gives your photography that extra edge because not every picture comes out perfect. Some are made perfect using Photoshop. This photo-editing software is quite common. If you don’t know about it then you’re definitely living under a rock. Nevertheless, it is never boring to discuss something so popular.

Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop Is the Best Photography Software

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This is why today we are going to discuss why we think Photoshop is the best photography software out there. Released in 1990, Photoshop is still undefeated as the king of photo editing software and applications. Many came and went but Photoshop cemented its place at the top. To download every version of adobe photoshop go to

Here are the reasons why Photoshop is the best photography software:

Professional Editing Tool

Photoshop is a fully functional and professional editing tool that offers a simple and easy interface to use. It provides every single tool that you are ever going to need. Be it cropping, retouching, adding filters, painting, and even professional designing, all of it can be done easily on Photoshop. If you’re a newbie editor who’s stepping into the world of editing then Photoshop is your go to software.


One of the best things about Photoshop is that it is available on all platforms. This includes Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Of course the device which you’re running Photoshop on needs to have the right specifications for it to run the application but yes, it is available on all platforms so you’re good to go on all of them.

One major difference you might notice is that on your mobile devices, you won’t have all the functionality of the desktop version. For your phone versions, you will only be having a limited number of tools so make sure to keep this in mind. If you’re looking for detailed editing then better to have a laptop or tablet with you to use Photoshop.

Supports All Image Formats

In Photoshop, you aren’t bound by image formats because Photoshop supports all of them. JPEG, PNG, GIF, all of these formats and more are supported by Photoshop. Whereas for other software, they might be limited in their functionality to support different image formats but that isn’t the case with Photoshop.

You can edit and convert any image format to a different one once you’re done with your project on Photoshop. When you’re using Photoshop, you shouldn’t worry about formats one bit.

Video Editing

You can also use Photoshop to edit videos! How cool is that, right? Photoshop might primarily be used for editing photos but that doesn’t mean you cannot edit videos. Although it only offers the basic editing and not the detailed one that shows off your professional video editing skills. Photoshop has the functionality to edit any of your videos and GIFs by a single frame in order to create quick animations.

These animations will be great but they will give off the look of a beginner editing software used to keep this in mind before opting to use Photoshop to edit your videos.


Photoshop offers incredible compatibility because it is now accepted worldwide as the best tool for photo editing. Photoshop is compatible with several different outputs and professional tools that comply with it now. You can use outputs from these software and then make changes to your files by means of Photoshop.

This makes it super easy to edit files in other formats without having to convert them into a PSD file or supported image. This can help you save a lot of time in your editing. This compatibility also allows you to use other supported software better and can help you bring out a final product like you wish to.


Photoshop is an immense software. It offers such incredible benefits that you cannot stress it enough. It is the greatest photo editing tool for a reason and once you begin to use it, it will be difficult to stop because of how fantastic its interface is.

We highly recommend you to use Photoshop if you’re into editing or if you’re a photographer. It’s an outclass software that can be used on almost any device and once you get good at it, you can even start making money off of it. Even after years, it is in such great demand!

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