Why Do You Need An Antivirus If You Download Online Movies

Browsing the internet is free, and you can have access to a lot of stuff. Whether it is streaming online, visiting social platforms, or downloading media content, you may not even have to pay a single cent.

But with the case of downloading movies, things are somewhat different; it is free to browse sites that offer those movies for downloading. However, you may have to purchase for you to get those movies. Still, you can get these movies for free through torrenting. But everybody knows that ‘cheap is expensive. You may get the movie for free via download. However, you may stand a chance of infecting your computer because torrenting comes with its own risks.

Use a Good Antivirus

This is the main solution that is sure enough to keep you safe even as you download torrent movie files out there. With an antivirus, you will enjoy many benefits.

First off, the antivirus will alert you in advance even before you download that suspicious torrent file. It will either block it immediately or warn you before you start downloading it. A good antivirus would also alert you about a website with a serious security concern. This way, you will be sure of staying safe and avoiding any virus or malware.

The antivirus can also scan your system for any present virus or malware. This way, it can quarantine the malicious content and keep your computer safe. As a result, you’ll have a fast-working computer that is free from malicious content.

Some antivirus programs have an online protection option. Here, you can easily browse the internet and be safe on any website you go to. They will even block the popup ads to prevent them from having a way to your computer.

But don’t forget that you have to be careful when choosing an antivirus for your computer. Ensure that it is good enough to offer you the needed protection. If you need one for your Mac, you can consider the MacKeeper that is available at https://www.thetop10sites.com/antivirus/mackeeper/. This antivirus provides multiple protection for your Mac, and you can be sure of enjoying your torrenting activity without worrying about infection.

That brings us to our today’s point of discussion; why do you need an antivirus if you download online movies? No need to scratch your head because we will give you the answer in this article.

  • You may infect your machine

Okay, let’s start at the beginning of it all. So, you want to download the movie, what is the first thing you would need to do? You got that right. You’ll need to visit the site that has that movie or torrent file. In most cases, such sites are not trustworthy. There could be some security flaws that might expose you to the viruses.

Usually, there are some fully-patched software that will try to block any malicious sites. However, some websites seem safe, yet they contain some serious security concern. The viruses can then use the unpatched security flaws of these software to crack their security.

In the whole process, your computer will be infected whenever you visit the website (even without downloading the file). Nowadays, some trusted sites are compromised through the constant ad popups or any other security flaw.

  • You may download a virus/malware

Since these movies are free to download, you may find some torrent files that contain some virus content. They are free in the first place. Therefore, you stand a higher chance of downloading a virus or malware without any doubt.

One example of a virus when you intend to download a movie is when the movie you wish to download comes as a program/software file. So when you click on it, it will prompt you to grant it permission to install on your computer.

At this point, your inbuilt computer will come with a security system to keep the virus. Here is where you will be warned that the downloaded file has some malicious content. If you go ahead and install it on your computer, you will make your computer highly vulnerable. The file could be a malware or spyware.

  • It may weaken your security system

Imagine your computer’s security system is top-notch. However, things start to seem risky since you downloaded a specific movie. What happened is that the malware studied your entire security system and found an entry. Once they have studied your security system, they will now make it weak and more vulnerable to attacks.

Here is when you’ll notice that your system doesn’t alert you about any virus or malware. You will, therefore, give room for more malware and viruses to attack your system.

  • The virus/malware can affect your computer’s speed

If your computer has been slow in recent times, it could be as a result of downloading a specific movie. Let’s go back to the example we gave about downloading a program file that is named like the movie you are willing to download.

Once you install this program, which is definitely a malware, you may start experiencing some slow internet speeds. But most likely, it may affect your computer speed. But how?

Typically, the virus will launch as many programs as possible in the background. If you were to open the Services option, you’d realize just how many heavy programs are running at a go. This will happen if you end up downloading malware.

Generally, you can find some infected downloads that will pose a serious threat to your computer. Hackers out there will use unique software to transmit viruses to people’s computers. What happens is that they will embed the infected code into the software of the installer. Here, the virus will be copied to your system when you install the infected program.

What happens is that hackers will mostly use KeyGens or crackers to break the copyright protection system of your software. While you might be happy that you have found a reliable source to give you your desired movie, you may end up exposing your whole security system to an attack.

But how will you know if the torrent you are about to download is suspicious? Here is a post from that touches on the tips to help you detect a suspicious torrent.

So yes, you may find it challenging to avoid downloading a torrent to get your movie. But what can you do to ensure that you stay safe when handling torrent files out there.