Travelling to Dubai is one of the things you should add to your priority. If you love visiting new places during your vacation and you have not been to Dubai, you should consider visiting Dubai on your next trip because the city offers some of the best places in the world that will amuse and excite you during your vacation. Dubai city alone boasts of the Burj Al Arab (the world’s only seven-star hotel), the Burj khalifa (the tallest building in the world) and the Dubai miracle garden (the world’s largest flower garden) and other pleasant places to provide amazing memories for you. Dubai is a top tourist destination for your vacation.

Dubai has so many beautiful road networks because the distance between buildings are wide, so since you cannot trek you must look for a transport medium that will take you from one place to another but at a low cost. Although public transport like taxis operates within the city, they are costly and they do not cover all parts of the city. Hence, Rent a car Dubai is the surest way to move round the city of Dubai because it is cheaper and more comfortable than the public transports. Also, car rental Dubai will allow you to enjoy different brands of car for your trips at a low cost.

The rate of renting a car varies due to several factors and this article will provide you with some of the factors that make rental car rates vary in Dubai.

  1. Type of rental car

The type of rental car is one major factor that makes rental car rates vary in Dubai. Cheap Rent a Car Dubai offers a different variety of cars for your trips within the city. Rental cars are classified into two categories; the luxurious rental car and the cheap rental car. Luxury cars are more expensive than the cheap brand of cars and the type of rental car you choose will go a long way to determine the type of car rental deal you will get.

  1. Security deposit

To enjoy car rental Dubai services, you must pay a security deposit in advance. The security deposit is a refundable fee that is paid by the renter to the car rental company to safeguard the rental car for the rental company in case of damage. The cost of rental car rate differs from one car to another due to the difference in security deposits of each rental car.  Luxurious rental vehicles have higher security deposits than the cheap rental vehicles.

  1. Type of car rental

Rent a car Dubai is the best way to travel in Dubai, however they offer rental cars for your trips on a short term or long term car rental. The type of car rental deal you choose will determine the type of rental car rate you will get. Hence, the type of rental car deal is another factor that makes rental car rate vary in Dubai.

  1. Price hikes

A Price hike is another factor that affects rental car rates. During certain seasons, car rentals will increase the cost of renting a car to stay in competition and to make more profits. The rental car rate is always at its peak on a Monday morning due to the large number of people that are going to work; it also increases during a major holiday or during an international or local event due to the fact that millions of people will come into the city at that time. Due to the increase in price, the rental car rate will change from a lower rate to a higher rate no matter the vehicle to be rented.

  1. Insurance policies

Car rental Dubai allows you to enjoy your trips in the city, however, you must satisfy some terms and conditions before you can rent a car in Dubai. Most car rentals operating within the city of Dubai clearly stipulate that a renter must provide car insurance for a rental car before driving the car away. Provision of insurance cover is another factor that makes rental car rates vary.

  1. Car accessories installation

Various types of car accessories can be installed by a car rental company in a rental car to provide comfort to their clients and ease their driving experience. For example, a GPS device is used to locate unknown places within the city. However, to use a car accessory you must pay for it and it affects that rate of a rental car.

  1. Discounts and special bonuses

Discounts and special bonuses are other factors that make the rental car rate vary. Rent a car Dubai is all about providing cheap and affordable cars for your trips within the city and car rentals normally offer discounts and special bonuses as a way of rewarding their customers. For example, some amazing discounts are offered to people that rent a car on a long term car rental and also to people that book rental cars early through car reservation services.


Renting a car in Dubai is a great way to explore the city of Dubai; car rentals provide a different variety of cars to make your trip comfortable and exciting. However, the rate of rental cars varies from time to time due to several factors and this article will provide you with a list of factors that makes the rental car rate to vary in Dubai.

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