If we go back to a couple of years ago then we wouldn’t be talking about businesses or brands that are involved with blogging. But fast forward to the present and you would be able to find multiple blogs about businesses and brands. They have all realised that blogs not only help them share their opinions, but it also spreads their ideas and thoughts along with creating an identity for their brand. Blogs have also helped nurture followers of their brand and create a loyal fan base during the building phase of a business. Furthermore, blogs increase the number of opportunities to up sales and revenue. So it is pretty clear that brands need to have a blog section and we have listed some of the main benefits below.

Helps drive traffic to your website

Every time that you blog new ideas, latest developments and/or interesting stories, the greater the opportunity of it appearing in search engines which would drive more traffic towards your website. Blogging also helps you get discovered over social media and as you know in today everything revolves around social media.

This is especially the case in the gaming business. So for example, mFortune considers their blog/news section as an integral part of their overall gaming service. The brand sees that it helps to promote games and serves to keep timeless classics like the mFortune Fruit Machine game in the limelight and in the minds of all players.

The more you post blogs the more content you’re creating to be posted on social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest which creates an even bigger platform for the exposure of your business, especially to some new potential followers who you may not know yet.

It helps convert that traffic into new customers

Since there’s constant traffic coming to your website you can covert that into new possible customers. Most blogs today have a call-to-action button and so should your blog because it helps convert the traffic to leads for your sales team.


Builds your authority in the industry

A blog section is a very important tool when trying to cement your place as an expert in your specialised field. It also creates a sense of trustworthiness and awareness between the users and yourself which would only increases the clientele.

Social Media

Make sure to link your blog to the biggest social media apps that there are such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter. These social platforms consist of millions if not billions of users which exposes your business to a wider audience. This would also help if you keep your blog service up to date and improve your content by offering unique insights and opinion.

In conclusion, blogs are clearly one of the most cost effective and easiest ways to maintain search engine rankings as well as creating a productive business. This is also a great way to increase the number of followers on your social platform along with the number of customers who develop loyalty to your business. Blogs enable you to see what would be beneficial to your business before investing a lot of revenue into an idea that could possibly fail.

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