Society has simply never been more convenient, in seemingly every industry sector and a huge part of that convenience is the advent of phone apps within people’s day to day lifestyle. From ordering food to booking taxis and from shoe shopping to dating, apps play a huge role in the way everybody goes about their business in the modern age.

Unsurprisingly in an industry as technologically aware as the sports betting sector, mobile betting applications have become huge business in Europe, Asia and beyond. Online and mobile betting sites are what first bridged the gap as betting moved away from the world of retail and into the online sphere. But over the past decade or so, mobile betting sites have become to appear increasingly antiquated, enabling mobile betting apps to swoop in and consume the market.

As mentioned, plenty of countries are on board with the mobile betting app revolution and finding the best betting apps in Australia for example, is a rather broad church. That said, all major online sportsbooks are all too aware as to how important their output is on their sports betting app and as a consequence, the convenience of being able to bet on a sports betting app is playing into the hands of both punter and bookmaker.

The ultimate goal for all online sportsbooks is usability. Being able to attract a market of customers that enjoy using the betting service and find the betting easy to navigate is essential for all sportsbooks and innovations in the sports betting app sphere have enabled bookmakers to offer a complete product to all levels of gambler.

Punters are generally superstitious folk and having a reliable and trustworthy sportsbook is what they are after, something that the sports betting app market seems to have grasped. With online sports betting ever-evolving, the importance of having a high-functioning sports betting app is bigger than ever before for bookmakers and it is a trend that is showing no sign of slowing.

Here is a rundown as to why mobile betting apps are better than mobile betting websites:

Quick-fire punts

One of the key innovations in the sports betting industry as it has transitioned online, has been the advent of live betting. With a packed sporting calendar from all four corners of the globe, never before have punters enjoyed such access to sports betting markets.

Most sport betting apps are geared up for the increase in footfall during any particular sporting event and the multitude of live betting markets available when betting through apps, far supersedes what is available in the mobile betting website sphere.

Much of the reasoning for this is due to most sportsbooks being aware of the pull of the sports betting app and as a consequence, pushing their best content and odds out through their own apps.

However, being able to click on an app, find the in-play betting market and place a stake within seconds, is something punters aren’t afforded on plenty of mobile betting sites, giving mobile betting app betting a significant edge.

App only offers and promotions

The seismic shift within the sports betting industry has led to many online sportsbooks focusing solely on in-app promotional activity, in an attempt to attract new and existing custom.

Many of the biggest bookmakers in the world have app-only offers and loyalty schemes, which once again entice punters to display loyalty to a particular bookmaker and in turn, potentially have a better chance of winning a bet.

Most sports betting apps are savvy when it comes to the global sporting calendar too, with many odds, offers and promotions orchestrated to coincide with the biggest fixtures taking place at any given time.

Secure betting

Whilst all registered and licensed online bookmakers have to adhere to the rules of the Gambling Commission within their country, mobile betting sites, much like thousands of other websites, simply don’t have the same level of security that comes with betting via a mobile app.

Simply by virtue of being able to access a sports betting app through a personal device, a user would have had to login to their relevant account, something that isn’t always afforded on mobile betting sites.

Aside from the issue of personal security, thousands of websites each day across the world are targeted for hacks and scams, which can often see personal data compromised. Apps in and out of the sports betting sphere, have to go through a rigorous safety protocol with Apple, Google, etc, to ensure that all security measures are met – another tick in the box for punters when using mobile betting apps, over mobile betting sites.

Inevitably, there remains a place on the market for mobile betting sites and for some punters, they are the most convenient option.

In the main however, most online sportsbooks have identified sports betting apps as the way to go moving forward and more gamblers than ever before worldwide are choosing to place their bets through mobile betting apps. Lists of the best mobile betting apps are compiled on a regular basis by some expert platforms – for instance, at Match.Center you will find a lot of useful info on sports betting apps, their ranking, features and much more.

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