Each zodiac sign has its own special skill set that determines people’s traits. While nearly all of the signs illustrate traits that leaders need to be possess, some zodiac signs are more well-equipped for leadership roles than others. Here we look at which zodiac signs produce the best leaders and a few famous leaders for each zodiac sign.


Leos are perhaps the best leaders of the zodiac signs, due to their great leadership qualities. If you have ever met a Leo, you will know they are dignified, benevolent and proud. Many Leos may seem like they have a big ego, but this is usually a façade to a delicate and empathetic individual who wants to help those who are less advantaged and vulnerable. Whilst Leos can be bossy, they usually make up for it with kindness and their generous spirit. Some of the most famous leaders with the Leo zodiac sign include Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Fidel Castro.


People born under the star sign of Aquarius tend to be great visionaries and very idealistic. If an Aquarius leader is in charge, they will have a strong vision for the future and usually have great plans on how to make it happen. Aquarians tend to be informal and rational thinkers. Much like Leos, Aquarians want to make the world a better place for each person, especially those who are poor or vulnerable. Great leaders, Aquarians will challenge what they believe to be wrong and will go the distance to make something great happen. Some of the most famous and revolutionary Aquarius leaders include Franklin Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.


Aries makes this list for being truthful, daring and courageous, while always remaining fair-minded to their followers and colleagues. Like any great leader should, Aries’ are known for their ability to inspire others. An Aries is the perfect role model and will always lead by example. This zodiac sign is a natural leader, oozing confidence and taking risks that others may not. Aries have lots of positive energy and enthusiasm, and so will often want to tackle big problems head-on. A famous Aries who made big changes to the U.S. is Thomas Jefferson, who famously wrote the Declaration of Independence.


Cancers are known for being caring and strong leaders, understanding how to be nurturing whilst being tough when needed. The Cancer zodiac sign is very much about home and family and so a Cancer leader will often look at their colleagues or followers as extended family and will treat them as such. Cancers have a fighting spirit, tough to knock down in a disaster. When a Cancer believes in something, including a cause or organization, they will fight for what they believe in, becoming fierce protectors of their own values. Many Cancers are successful, with some of the famous including Elon Musk and Nelson Mandela.


A Libra leader can be both powerful and motivational, another zodiac sign looking to make the world better and help those in need. A Libra is usually drawn towards important humanitarian causes such as ending poverty and world suffering. Libras are a well-liked zodiac sign, making them a popular and well-followed leader. This zodiac sign is against coercion and violence and therefore promotes peace and prosperity within their leadership. Libras make great teachers as well as leaders, with the ability to inspire and educate others in working together towards a common cause. Perhaps the most peaceful and motivational Libra leader was Mahatma Gandhi.


Last on the list is Capricorn. Those born under Capricorn are great leaders due to their resilience, determination and work ethic. You will often find a Capricorn staying late in the office to achieve their goals and they will do whatever it takes to get to where they want to be. With this tenacious attitude, Capricorns often find themselves in leadership roles. Not only hard workers, this zodiac sign possesses good judgement, making them well respected by others. While they can come off as responsible and mature, they are able to inspire and are a trustworthy leader to follow. Some of the most famous Capricorn leaders include LeBron James and Martin Luther King Jr.

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These zodiac signs can produce the best leaders due to their natural abilities and talents. Each zodiac sign can bring their own type of leadership to the table to produce great results, however.

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