It’s a tough job to work out which mobile phone has the best camera. Each new phone launch focuses heavily on the quality of their camera and the shots and videos that it can take.

It’s not just down to the quality of the lens though, the software on the device plays a huge part in the quality of the shots a camera phone can take. That said, natural photos are pretty much a thing of the past when it comes to camera phones. The level of software installed behind the lens helps us take better pictures than high-quality DSLR cameras.

2018 has seen some amazing steps in the quality of camera phones and 3 handsets stand out from the crowd. Not just due to the number of lenses growing increasingly in each handset but the level of quality behind the lens is now so outstanding its possible that standard cameras are a thing of the past.

1. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Touted as the most tech-filled smartphone so far. The mate 20 Pro comes to market with an upgraded triple camera with dual LED flash. There’s no more monochrome sensor which has improved photos taken in low-level lighting. It’s hardly surprising the Mate 20 pro is considered the current market-leading smartphone. Partnering with Leica, a market leading camera technology company was always going to give Huawei the edge over its competitors.Huawei-Mate-20-Pro-ReviewIt boasts a 40MP setup which is like its predecessor the P20 Pro. The camera is enhanced by superior AI technology to support an experienced or beginner in taking the best possible photos.

2. Apple iPhone Xs Series

Apple has kept their camera setup the same for the last several iterations of the iPhone. The major difference is the new image signal processor. This comes with a 4-frame buffer which allows for a zero-shutter lag time. This is perfect for action shots which Apple pushed hard during the launch event.iPhone-XS-Max-Gold

The Xs series didn’t need a second camera. Its depth sensing works using the primary snapper for depth mapping that brings the perfect photo to life.

3. Google Pixel 3

The Google Pixel smartphone is famous for their camera performance, and Google is keeping that legacy with them. The Google Pixel 3 have the 12.2MP Rear single Camera shooter and 8MP + 8MP Dual Front Camera. The single rear camera can take the Photos in 4K and also record the videos. The low light performance of the pixel 3 is unmatchable with any other smartphone camera.Google-Pixel-3The Google Pixel camera is famous for their software refinement and image processing software. Overall the Pixel 3 camera is outstanding but when it comes to taking videos, you will miss the Mate 20 Pro.

These two devices are so far advanced in comparison to other handsetIt’sIts not just about the number of MegaPixels, it’s the level of software behind the lens. Both phones are amazing camera phones but if we had to pick a winner, its would be the Mate 20 Pro.