The success of your website varies depending on the web hosting provider that you’ve chosen. Whether you select a great hosting solution or a poor-quality web host, it will significantly affect your website performance. There are vital features and factors to consider to save you from frustrations, downtime, or potential data breach.

All web host providers offer a great deal based on your business demands and individual preferences. Several providers offer the same features and what sets them apart from the rest are pricing plan differences. To help you pick the most suitable web hosting, this list of essential elements will help you decide for the best. 

What Should You Check With A Potential Web Host Provider

If you plan to launch your website, finding the right web host should be on top of your priority. Don’t get overwhelmed with tons of selections and jargon, sometimes, the best way to select is to identify what you need—and your current budget. 

With various options on web hosting solutions, functionalities, and price points, identifying what you need can simplify the process. You can also look for unbiased insights or check the comparisons on 28 Msec of the best hosting solutions suitable for all business and individual website demands. This will help you weigh your options and guide you to the right solution ideal for your current business needs. 

What fundamental and must-have features should be included in your hosting packages with a plethora of hosting solutions. What are the functionalities of these features, and why are they essential to your website? 

Here’s a quick rundown to give you a brief overview of your must-have features:

Storage Amount

The storage space (disk storage) is an essential feature where your files, media, and database are stored on the cloud. With a small startup site, you only need smaller storage. This can change over time and vary once your website grows. 

Bandwidth Limit

Paying close attention to the bandwidth amount affects the data transfer from your website to your site visitor. Several hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth. However, this feature can also affect your site performance if unmanaged properly.

Domain Add-On

You might think you won’t need an extra domain until your business starts growing. Then it’s best to check with your chosen web host provider that allows hosting additional domains on your account. Frequently, there are domain restrictions per charge, but it’s best to check before signing up.

Uptime Score

Uptime score is an essential feature for all websites. It is measured as the availability and accessibility of your website online. Frequent downtime can affect your site performance and may lead to losing profit instead of gaining more. 

You can use various tools and software to ensure the correct uptime score of your web host provider. Next is to provide security strength for your chosen package. This will reduce your site risk from specific security issues.

Pre-Installed Apps

With a myriad of features available for every web hosting package, there are a few pre-installed applications that work perfectly and benefit you and your website. It includes easy to navigate control panels like cPanel, Virtualmin, and Zpanel. 

Aside from that, the 1-click easy WordPress installation feature is also a great application to look forward to. 

Technical Support Access

A reliable web hosting provider offers multiple technical support options to assist you with any major or minor site issues. It’s an important feature you should never overlook any software or tool you use on your business. While the internet offers tons of benefits, there are unwanted scenarios that you’ll need expert help to solve technical issues. 

Security And Backups

Your web hosting provider must ensure robust security features to secure your files, and the website is protected against cyber threats and potential hacks. SSL certificates add an extra layer of security and improve site credibility, not just for visitors but with search engine requirements. 

Frequent backups should also be an excellent consideration for any hosting provider. Several service providers offer auto-backup features on a daily or weekly basis.

Supported Programming Language

Ensure that your hosting provider offers various programming languages, so your options are not limited to PHP. Several service providers offer a massive number of supported programming languages that cater to diverse website needs.

Database Support

Regardless of your business website’s size, you’ll need to check what database is supported by your web host provider. This aspect is crucial for back-end integration capability under new technology. 

MySQL, SQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL vary per individual convenience and preferences. 


Scalability is another feature you must never overlook to ensure the growth of your business. As startup biz, your current generated traffic is smaller, but you must not limit the potential growth over time. Check service providers that offer expansion once you upscale your business.

Additional Factors To Consider

A reliable web host provider should offer 24/7 fast and responsive customer assistance. While most digital entrepreneurs check for site performance, security features, or scalability options, technical support is sometimes overlooked. 

Whether you are comfortable working with websites or have an intensive knowledge of technical issues, one way or another, you will still need assistance from your web hosting provider of a potential site problem. 

There are plenty of hosting providers, but only a few have excellent customer support with a great reputation from previous and current clients. 


While extensive research is vital before signing up on any web hosting service, you need to have a clear perspective and identify your business goal. That way, aside from site performance and security, scaling your business can secure future stability and success.

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