If you’re reading this, chances are you’re searching for a reliable security camera to secure your home or business against vandalism. Great Idea! Surveillance cameras are indeed useful as they offer unparalleled protection to our personal stuff.

In case you suspect possible robbery at night, these cameras will give you a chance to survey your home without having to risk your life opening the door or walking out.

Buying a Security Camera System

In addition to that, security cameras such as the Arlo home surveillance camera are designed to give you peace of mind through offering the perfect way of surveying your home, property or business even when you’re miles away.

Now, installing a security camera system is of paramount importance. But, how much do you really know about these gadgets especially keeping in mind they’re getting smarter, better, and smaller by the day? To give you a head-start to these smart gadgets, this article has listed some points you need to know before buying a security camera system.

Quality of the lens

The quality of the lens is what determines the area of coverage and clarity. If your security camera contains a high-quality large lens, chances are that it will be able to capture accurate HD or near HD images and videos at far distances of about 70 to 100 feet.

One major advantage of image quality and clarity is that it makes it easier to identify criminals whenever you provide the details to the authorities.

Power supply

When shopping for a security camera, you need to think ahead. One way of doing this is by thinking about the power supply. You see most burglary incidents usually take place when the electricity goes out.

Sometimes criminals cut out the power supply to facilitate their success in breaking into your home or business.

Therefore, to keep your home and business safe, you need to buy a security camera that’s both wired and has an inbuilt battery. The battery should be powerful enough to keep the camera running for several days without recharging in case of an electricity outage.

Type of camera

What type of camera are you planning to buy? Is it for indoor or outdoor use? This is one key question you need to ask yourself before buying a security camera. While indoor cameras are easy to install, outdoor cameras are very demanding and require lots of smart features to keep them up and running.

For instance, outdoor cameras need to be weather-resistant meaning they should endure rain, snow, UV, and other hostile weather conditions.

If the camera is installed outside in an area with low light, buying one with an infrared technology will definitely be a wise option. On the other hand, if the camera is fitted in an area with motion-sensored lights, buying one with auto-zooming and motion-detection capabilities will help to keep your premises well secured.

The location

Although I’m not a security expert, the location where you place your security cameras can play a big role in the overall security of your home or business. To guarantee your home’s safety, you need to install security cameras in all entrances such as at the gate, the back, and front doors.

Security recording and storage

That is another key pointer you need to consider when buying a security camera. Depending on your personal preference, you can opt to buy security cameras that contain memory SD slots where recorded data is stored.

Although these cameras will save you the cost of monthly storage fees, they have one major disadvantage—if someone steals the camera, the whole evidence is lost.

However, to preclude this situation, security camera manufacturers have offered a more secure alternative which is by using cloud storage plans. With this technology, all videos recorded by your camera are saved in a remote server which requires a monthly subscription.

This technique is useful in so many ways as it gives you explicit access to all your recordings anywhere in the world provided you have a stable WIFI connection.

Technical support

Lastly, before buying a security camera, you need to have details about technical support. The best security camera should come with a responsive and supportive technical support team which is available either via email or website. The team should be responsive and should be ever ready to respond to all your claims within a day or two.


So, that’s it for now. If you’re looking to install a security camera at your premise, then I believe you have the ultimate answer. You see, security cameras are evolving and they’re increasing becoming perfect additions in our homes especially when combined with the rest of the smart home devices.

Since insecurity has become a major setback in most places, this article has offered key pointers that should be observed before buying a security camera. With that said, I believe this article was helpful.

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