We all buy printer ink for our home printers and do so without a second thought. However, the printer cartridge world is far more fascinating than you may first believe. We have discovered some of the most interesting facts about ink cartridges and shared them below so you can learn all about them too!


They Are Recyclable

Any ink cartridge that you purchase is recyclable. That means you can take your used cartridges and either take them to a stationery supplier or post them back to the ink manufacturer who will recycle them or reuse them.

Original Inks Are Never Full

If you purchase an original ink cartridge then it won’t even be half full. This is so that companies can then fill them and sell them as XL versions! IF you want to get the best value from ink then you are better off buying replacement inks that are full for a much lower price.

They Take 1000 Years to Biodegrade

If you throw your ink cartridges in the bin then they will head off to landfill and take 1000 years to break down and disappear. This means that you need to find a way to access a recycling scheme instead as they can be reused or repurposed and kept out of landfill for good!

Printer Ink Should Be Stored in a Cool Environment

When you buy printer ink it is sensible to store it in a cook place until you are ready to use it. Storing it in direct sunlight or in a place that has variable temperatures means that the ink could be negatively affected and reduce its overall quality.

Cheaper Ink Cartridges Are Not Low Quality

Many people believe that cheaper the cheaper the ink cartridge, the lower the quality. This is absolutely not the case and is actually a brilliant way of saving money. Most cheap ink cartridges are sold by specialist ink companies and are well worth giving a try before you write them off!

300 Million Are Sent to Landfill Every Year

300 million is both a huge and a scary number when you consider that all of those cartridges could have been recycled or repurposed. To put the figure into perspective, you could put all those cartridges into one long line and they would circle the earth completely, all twenty four thousand miles of it!

The Key Messages

It is clear that people need to work harder to recycle their ink cartridges to help reduce landfill and support eco-friendly living! When you consider that they can be reused seven times before needing to be repurposed then it is shocking that so many are sent to landfill every year.

It is also fascinating that replacement printer ink is cheaper, fuller and the same quality as original ink but is still not the go to choice for consumers. Now you are armed with this information, why don’t you make some changes to how you buy, store, and dispose of your printer ink from now on!

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