Last month in Las Vegas (where else?) the Global Gaming Expo rolled into Sands Casino for the world’s biggest showcase of casino games and innovation. Vegas, of course, is the perfect destination to host such an event, being a kind of Mecca for gamblers. However, the wares of the exhibitors will impact much more than the mega-casinos of Vegas, with many of the best new online casino games on show. Indeed, with top developers like NetEnt, SG Gaming and IGT on show, there was bound to be some stellar innovation.

These gaming expos are always a bit weird and wonderful, so let’s start off with one of the wackier games: I Like Big Bucks. This new slot game, created by Bluberi, has been developed in partnership with rapper Sir Mix-a-lot. Yes, he of the Baby Got Back (I like big butts and I cannot lie) fame. The slot itself is pretty fun, while the rapper was in attendance at the expo making sure the game got noticed.

Goldeneye slot created lots of buzz at G2E

On a more serious note, and this should get gamers and movie fans equally excited, was Scientific Gaming’s Launch of the James Bond: Golden Eye slot. The graphics and gameplay of the slot are said to be tremendous, and there was certainly a lot of buzz generated by Mr Bond at the expo. SG have always been among the most innovative games developers, creating slots like Star Trek Red Alert, The Wizard of OZ Ruby Slippers and Zeus 1000.You can find out more about casinos that stock SG games at,

While the James Bond character turned up in plenty of casinos, you wouldn’t necessarily link Sex and the City with online slots. However, that’s exactly IGT have done, creating one of the world’s most innovative 4D slots based on the iconic TV show. Most of you will be wondering how a 4D slot works rather than why it features Carrie Bradshaw. Put simply, 4D technology allows you to control the slot with your eyes, launching special features and collecting prizes. Weird, but awesome.

Willie Nelson slot caused a stir in Vegas

There was also room at the expo for a Willie Nelson slot. If you are based in the UK, you might not be just aware of how big the country music legend is in America. The 85-year-old is associated with political activism, counter-culture and, of course, marijuana. All of those things are heavily referenced in the slot game, as well as lots of Nelson’s great music. This one might not make it to the UK casinos, but it’s sure to be a big hit on casino floors of Vegas, where Nelson remains an icon.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for the future, there was a lot of attention given to the Running Rich Racing game.  It’s a skill-based racing game that also incorporates some slot play. The reason this is important is that it shows that both casino games developers and players may be looking to move into more skill-based games, which rely less on luck and random chance. Perhaps they are learning from the popularity of eSports and the gambling cross-over with skins betting? Regardless, the technology is certainly there for developers to keep exploring this avenue – who knows where it will lead?