Well, it seems that it is time to get your child a mobile phone. This is not a decision that requires research and planning. Children are not typically known for having the presence of mind to take care of fragile electronic devices appropriately. The decision that you are faced with is how to get your child a phone that serves all of their needs, while not setting you back to far financially.

iPhone 6S

If your child has their heart set on an iPhone, this is the most practical way to go. This option won’t break the bank and will give your child the satisfaction of having an iPhone. If you really want to save, you can purchase a refurbished iPhone from Apple for even more significant savings.

Samsung Galaxy A5

It doesn’t seem logical to fork out the money for the Galaxy 8 for a child, but the Samsung Galaxy A5 is equipped with all of the Galaxy features that your little one needs. Children’s phone use is generally focused on tasks that don’t require sophisticated features. If they are able to play some games, log on to social media, text, and maybe download some prank apps. If you want the quality of Samsung without the hefty price tag, the Galaxy A5 is just right for your child.

Motorola G6

The Motorola G6 is excellent if your child needs full functionality and is not too particular about having a specific brand of phone. The Moto G6 has some fantastic features like a screen measuring 5.7 inches, a 3,000mAh battery, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. This phone is an ideal choice for any kid in need of a new smartphone.

Nokia 6.1

Sometimes durability is the call of the day when it comes to little ones. If this is the case with your child, you may want to look into the Nokia 6.1. The metal shell design makes this phone more resilient than most smartphones. This phone is not exactly what you would consider a rugged phone, but it is undoubtedly more durable than usual.

Sony Xperia XA

What about a phone for young children? If you are looking for your child’s first phone, the Sony Xperia XA is a smart choice. Children watch a lot of videos on their phones so you will need a phone with a large enough screen to facility watching videos. The 5-inch display is perfect for young children to watch videos on. Downloading parental control apps will give you the ultimate authority over the device.


As you can see, the age of your child and what they will be predominantly doing with their device will determine what the best device for your child is. Make sure you involve them in the process and discuss their options with them. It goes without saying, but you will want to get a screen protector and a case for your child’s phone. This will hopefully extend the life of the phone.

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