More than 3.5 billion people have smartphones. It means that in this day and age, almost anyone can take high-quality pictures and share them with others. Although the first mobile phone models were only capable of taking pictures that were inferior to those taken with real cameras, the times have changed. Last year, both Samsung and Xiaomi have both revealed that their new smartphone would be equipped with 108-megapixel cameras. Even not that long ago, being able to take pictures using a 108-megapixel camera and hiding it in your pocket afterward would be unthinkable.

What about 3D pictures? Although most of the newer smartphones are capable of taking 3D photos, you don’t necessarily need to buy a new phone. It is possible to turn regular photos into 3D ones using specific software. Is the end result decent, or is it better to wait until you buy a new phone? Let’s find out.

Is Taking 3D Photos Limited To New Devices?

Phone Cameras  3D Pictures
Best Phone Cameras to Take 3D Pictures

Not really. Although ideally, your device would store data about depth, you could alternatively use software that could turn any photo that you take into 3D. The truth is, most of the newer models store such data, so if you want to post 3D photos on Facebook, it can be easily done. Some of the devices that Facebook lists as supporting 3D photos are:

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 7, 7+
  • iPhone 8, 8+
  • iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max
  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max

If you have one of those devices, posting 3D photos on Facebook is easy – all that you have to do is choose “Make 3D” while sharing a post. If you don’t know where to start looking for a smartphone with a decent camera, you can check out this Best Budget camera phone of the year list.

What if you have a device that does not support taking 3D photos? It is still possible to create 3D photos, though you’ll have to use software such as Fyuse, OmniVirt, or PopPic. Before you post the photo on Facebook, you might need to edit the depth map, as the data collected by a device that doesn’t support 3D photos could be lacking.

Although in the past, only smartphones with at least 2 cameras could take 3D photos, it is no longer the case. Thanks to the advances in machine learning, you can post 3D photos on Facebook, even if you have only one camera on your smartphone.

Okay, and what if you have only an older phone at your disposal that doesn’t store any depth data? It’s not an issue – using the previously mentioned software, you can generate a depth map right from scratch!

Although not even that long ago, you couldn’t take good quality photos without spending thousands of dollars on the newest mobile phones, we now live in a different reality. Even if you have only an old mobile phone, you can simply download software that will allow you to turn any photo into a 3D one. You can share them with your friends, and they will feel as if they were right next to you!

3D Photo Tips

Now that you know how to take 3D photos with every type of mobile phone, we have also prepared a list of tips on how to take great 3D photos:

  • Regardless of whether you use a brand new smartphone or a mobile phone that has seen better days, and then use software to turn photos into 3D, you should consider whether your photo contains several layers. Think of the way your brain works – if you stand next to a white wall and look directly at it, it won’t be really that

That’s because everything that you’ll see will be largely the same. Monotonous pictures aren’t interesting, but when it comes to 3D, it is especially so. Try to take photos where you can easily discern several layers – the first one being the things that are the closest, the next one including elements that are further away, and so on.

  • If you are not using a smartphone with the newest 3D technology, but an older model instead, make sure that there is enough contrast between objects located at varying distances. Otherwise, the device can generate an erroneous depth map. Sure, it is possible to edit depth maps using software, but it would require additional time.

That’s why it’s best to take 3D pictures containing contrasting colors, or your device could assume that two elements next to each other are actually a single object. Not the end of the world, but it’s still best to avoid that.

In Conclusion

Whatever the age of your smartphone be it a few years old or a shiny brand new model you’ll have the option to create great 3D photos. Why not have some fun and wow your friends on Facebook with some stunning 3D images.

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