There are quite a few football competitions that are rather popular in the world. Football League was established as a way to organize the fast-growing football activity in the world. In this article we shall be looking at the difference between some football leagues around the world.

2 of the more common ones you may have heard of include the Premier League and the Champions League.

So what are these competitions and how do they differ?

Premier League 

Among all the football leagues in England, the Premier League is at the top. It is the most prestigious league where 20 English teams competes against each other to wear that elusive Premier League medal. As they play the match get the 3 points, and it get updated in the Premier League Points Table.

The most popular clubs in the premier league are Manchester United, Liverpool , Chelsea and Arsenal. Though in recent times Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City have joined this elite list of clubs. It is the toughest league in the globe. No wonder most top players crave to come to England and play here once in their career.

Champions League 

It is a prestigious European competition where top clubs from all the major European leagues battle each other to be crowned the best team in Europe. Total 32 teams take part in the competition.

The first is the Group stage where 16 teams qualify for the next round and from then on based on the draw each stage is a knockout one. There is a catch though. No two teams from the same league can draw each other in the round of 16. The most successful club in the Champions League Real Madrid.

Format of competition

The Premier League follows a double round-robin league format. Each team will play against the other 19 clubs in the league.

For the Champions League, it contains a group stage, and then a knockout round.


In summary, the major difference between premier league, UEFA Champions league that the Premier League includes the top 20 teams in English football, while the UEFA Champions League involves the top 32 clubs from the various European leagues.

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