For those unfamiliar with what the 0330 with cNumber is , it’s a non-geographical phone number that gives the flexibility of having a landline phone number not linked to a specific area.

Introduced in 2007, 0330 is commonly chosen as a cheaper calling alternative for businesses looking to cut on operational costs. They are also popular with government institutions, non-governmental organizations, and charitable organizations.

The numbers are not associated with any location or specific area. Therefore, they can be used to create the impression that the business operates on a national scale. Moreover, here’s why they are the best choice for a small business on cNumber.

Why is 0330 the best option for businesses?

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It attracts more clients:

You can use the numbers for marketing your goods and services to potential clients from around the country. Because they are not associated with a specific area, the numbers will give your business a national image. So businesses can market their products with more customers to increase sales.

They offer modern convenience:

If your business demands relocation, then it is prudent to get a 0330 number. With this number, businesses wouldn’t need to update their telephone details every time they relocate. They will be using the same number in different locations.

It provides a broad reach:

A 0330 number gives a more extensive range beyond the current region. Therefore, the firm will have the advantage of marketing its business to a broad client base without the need to travel to meet them.

Reduces costs:

0330 numbers are less expensive as compared to other lines and will result in lower calling costs. With the numbers, businesses can scale up their marketing campaigns without the fear of exceeding their budget.

Are 0330 lines free?

No, 0330 numbers are not free. However, they are a cheaper alternative to the standard UK numbers. Because they are not premium-rate numbers, you will spend the same cost to call any other landline number. 

They are relatively cheaper options making them popular with most UK businesses and other organizations. Some phone providers include free minutes to landlines. However, such calls will be free if they don’t last longer than the number of monthly allocated minutes.

Users will also incur some costs if they call a mobile phone using the 0330 numbers. In most cases, callers will spend approximately 3p to 5p to call 0330 numbers from a mobile phone. The law stipulates that all 03 lines must be charged at the same rate as calls to standard landlines.

The 0330 numbers are also included in free minute bundle talk time the same way as regular landline numbers.


With so many virtual phone providers out there, choosing the best provider that meets your business needs can be difficult. However, those who register for an 0300 with cNumber will definitely be very satisfied with their choice. If interested in an 0330 line, businesses can make their choice on cNumber.

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