There are a lot of reasons you can be seeking an email address of a specific company or individual:

● You may want to write down a letter to ask for a job, but you don’t know the email of the HR manager to address.

● You might be having a request to a company on their public image and contribution, but the PR email is nowhere to your disposal.

● You saw this awesome and useful post on LinkedIn about an opportunity, but you can’t find the personal email of the profile owner to address your interest.

● You want this amazing food store to open up a branch around your town, but you cannot access the manager’s email address.

Only to mention those few scenarios, it is evident how there is a need – how you can find emails either from a website or even a social media platform. So, with that in mind, what options do you have? You may decide to keep on messaging that LinkedIn guy, but how long will it take before he gets online? Will you sit back and watch as the opportunity slips from your hands? No! However, you also don’t want to be the guy who sends tens of messages on a company’s official email address. The thing is, most of them are not read, especially if they are from a random person, or you might just be reported as spam because you’ll be causing traffic in their inbox.

The Correct Approach to Email Finding

To save you all this hassle, you’ve got to find yourself something legit, a means that’ll assure you of great results and success. So have you ever heard of an email finder? Have you thought before that there is a way you can have something to help you dig deep into all the possible email addresses you’re seeking? So what is email finder? Read on to find out!

It is easy to find email addresses anywhere instantly by name. An email address finder is a software precisely designed to help the user obtain that kind of info that is genuine and has been published before in any platform through the Internet. This software is specific to be used if you intend to reach the owner of the email and not if you are after any mischief.

How Magic Happens with Email Finder

First of all, any email hunter software is easy to operate. The procedure is as follows:

  1. You need to type in the domain name of the individual you are looking for

  2. Indicate the place you want to trace the email from i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, etc., then search. (You will obtain a series of emails in a second or two)

  3. After you get contacts, you will then copy the email IDs that have been discovered, and paste them on a new Word document, or another alternative is to download them in TXT or CSV.

Places you’ll be Able to Use Them

As good services excite clients, you need to know where to get the services from. The ways to find someone’s email and phone are through:

●        The official website of any email hunter brand

●        Downloading an extension

●        Through add-ons of Google Sheets

●        Through an API

●        By bulks.

Advantages to Clients

Some benefits recorded by users include:

  1. Ability to get contacts in a very short time

  2. The designs are simple to use

  3. Assist in digging up new leads and connection – getting to know other people and what they are doing after getting their emails can assist you to come up with new strategies

  4. Aids in building brands and uplift existing business – email finding can assist you in getting in touch with potential investors to your firm

  5. Aids in interviews and recruitment – getting qualified personnel for that job slot is made easier by this software.

The Best Brands Involved

For the best quality services, you need to know which the best brands are offering that in the market. The leading ones include:

  1. SignalHire

  2. ContactOut

  3. Lusha

  4. Connectifier


So far, this is the best email finder you can go for. You can find anyone’s email, phone number via SignalHire, whether it is from personal emails (Gmail, Yahoo), social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook), messengers (Skype), and a bonus of finding their numbers as well. It has a record of 100% valid emails. The excellent features it offers include:

●        Every Boolean filter to search is supported including email finder by name

●        Ability to search using locations i.e. country, towns, zip code, and radius

●        Searching by comments and keywords is enabled, so you can still get hold of individuals who don’t put forward their skills.

Once you get your contact details from SignalHire, you can start exploring your conversations with customer relationship management through:

●        Syncing your mailbox

●        Tracking the opens is accepted

●        Sending bulk emails

●        Creating black copy emails.


Getting emails and phone numbers of interested parties can be quite easy with the right tools. Reaching out to a professional for your company or contacting your mentor is enabled in a click of a button. However, most importantly is to get the name or company email to get the results.

Have you used an email finder before? Which brand did you opt for? Leave a comment!