High employee turnover and low morale is a big problem for any company. But you can help this by writing a recognition statement. A letter of appreciation is a great way to express your appreciation to an employee who has pleased the supervisor by completing tasks. If you do that, hard-working employees will realize that they are valuable and visible in the company. In this way, employee morale is improved.

There are 3 types of employee recognition letters. These are formal, semi-formal, or informal. The informal letter is sent to the employee by his colleagues, while the semi-formal letter is sent by team leaders. Employers send formal letters that have a formal style and content.

They have a formal style and content.

Such letters are not limited in form – they can be sent via email, handwritten notes, or printed documents. But regardless of the type, the letter must recognize the employee for performance of the job. The email should state what it is being praised for. The employee should receive it immediately after the event for which he or she was praised.

What is the Best Way to Write a Recognition Statement?

A recognition letter is a powerful and simple way to share your appreciation and express your pride in your employee. There are several advices to make a such letter:

  1. The message should be personalized – you should not use ready-made suggestions or copy from other memos.
  2. You should use the employee’s name when creating the letter.
  3. Clarity and accuracy – emphasize the reasons for praising the employee.
  4. Recognition of recent achievements or actions – To produce the desired effect, the recognition should be expressed shortly after the event.
  5. Use of positive and active vocabulary – it is worth choosing a positive sentence structure.
  6. You have to use grateful words in a recognition statement..

Letters of recognition inspire and encourage employees. It is a moral motivator that will have a positive impact on employee productivity and loyalty to management. Recognition in a timely manner will also help reduce high employee turnover and retain your most valuable employees.

Before you send a letter to an employee, you should read it several times, correct grammar and spelling mistakes. It is worth making sure that the letter contains words of gratitude and appreciation. At the end it is better to read the letter aloud to check how the letter sounds.

When Is It Necessary to Send a Recognition Statement?

There are several cases in which an employee recognition  letter should be written:

  • to express gratitude for the extra effort;
  • to express appreciation for the employee’s efforts to help a colleague;
  • to thank an employee for agreeing to replace a colleague or work a day off;
  • to recognize years of service to the company;
  • to thank an employee for a contribution to a job, project, or individual event.

Letters of appreciation are essential to building strong team relationships and reinforcing the corporate culture. Such letters motivate future work. By having a good employee appreciation program in place, you can take the company culture to the next level. These are the main reasons for the importance of sending the recognition letters.

Where Can I Create a Recognition Statement?

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