In modern times, watching streaming movies is extremely prevalent among all age groups. Who wouldn’t like to watch movies at their comfortable place and time for hearty entertainment? The mainstreaming websites today are Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

This article analyzes both the websites Amazon Prime Video and Netflix and gives you an in-depth comparison of their features and services. It focuses on the advantages that Amazon Prime has that Netflix doesn’t.

One important point to note here is that you may need a VPN with your Amazon Fire TV to have access to uninterrupted streaming across various sites worldwide. Having a VPN gives you the facility to watch Amazon Prime Video with its many regional variations from country to country. It will also help you in watching BBC iPlayer when you are outside the UK. This makes it a handy and convenient tool and gives it an edge over normal streaming procedures that restrict people from using these sites outside their home country.

To analyze and compare the differences between the two streaming giants, we utilize certain parameters which will give you all the information in a nutshell. This is done as given below:

Membership Plan

When it comes to better value for money, Amazon certainly wins the race against Netflix. For their Prime membership, Amazon has three different options Prime Video, Prime Monthly, and Prime Yearly. The annual membership for Amazon Prime Video is $ 119 per year which is better than Netflix.

Besides that, Amazon Prime many perks and benefits that are listed below:

  1. Students get a 6-month trial offer for free that is not offered by Netflix.
  2. If you wish to change or cancel your subscription at any point in time, Amazon Prime gives you the facility to do so without your penalty. However, even if you decide to cancel, you will get the full facility that you had paid for earlier. This shows how magnanimous they are.
  3. You get free shipping within 2 days or discounted shipping within a day.
  4. If you are lucky to stay in their selected area, then you can get free shipping on the same day.
  5. You can save as many photos as you want in the Cloud
  6. Free streaming service for Amazon Prime Music
  7. Free book borrowing from Amazon Prime Reading

All the above-mentioned benefits and facilities are not provided by Netflix making Amazon Prime Video clearly the winner in this race.

Type of Content

Amazon Prime’s film library has increased by leaps and bounds and has improved a lot in recent times. This has widened the range of their content tremendously. Their collection of original shows has also been expanding fast.

Another advantage is that their system does not rotate very often, giving it more stability. This could be beneficial to their users in the long run.

The high point of Amazon Prime Video is that it is way ahead of Netflix as far as children’s programs are concerned. They have a large variety of shows for children as well as comedies that keep them entertained. This is due to the licensing agreements that they have signed with Viacom, the mother company of Comedy Central and Nickelodeon.

This shows that Amazon Prime Video is more suited for the family than Netflix.

Originality in Content

Amazon has vastly improved the quality of its original content and some of them have already got large fan followings as well as impressive critical reviews. The latest original shows like the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and The Grand Tour have become very popular among the masses. The Tick, Mozart in the Jungle and Bosch have also gained a lot of followers that has increased the number of viewers.

High-Quality Streaming

Amazon offers high-quality streaming without any additional costs. It has 1080p Full HD and 4K Ultra HD resolutions that give you a better service with full HDR video support. The best part about this is that they are all included in the price of the package you are paying with no hidden extra charges.

So you get 4K video without any hindrances and encumbrances, which is a great bonus. As 4K is the future of TV, it can be assumed that it will be the default setting in due course of time.

If you want to see the quality of audio, Amazon offers one of the best in terms of audio with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound. This surround sound gets dispersed to five channels left, left surround, right, right surround and center. It’s nice to see the standard sound protocol here.

Amazon Prime Video works with a majority of streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. It also works with most browsers on the Web. You can also make use of the apps present for Android and iOS that will facilitate your streaming experience.

As per the information was given by Amazon, Prime Video works with Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TVs, Set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, Game consoles, Fire TV sticks, Amazon Fire Tablets, Amazon Fire phones, Android devices, and iOS devices.

As far as Netflix is concerned, you have to pay higher charges for watching better quality streaming. It doesn’t come in the included cost.

When it comes to devices, Netflix can be streamed on nearly every device because it had come before Amazon Prime. So you can rest assured that whatever your device, Netflix will surely play on it.

Interactivity with Users

Amazon provides better interactivity with users as you can use side-scrolling to view your content. If you want a more informative catalog to select movies, it can help you by giving a number of options to choose from.

It will also analyze what you have viewed earlier to give recommend more shows for you. It will also give you subtitles in 7 foreign languages that include French, Italian, Spanish and German among a few.

There is also an offline facility that lets you watch movies when you don’t have an internet connection. It also provides with strict parental controls that block access to certain movies preventing your children from viewing them.

Netflix lets you create separate accounts for your children but this process becomes more unwieldy and cumbersome than Amazon. Netflix offers subtitles in 17 foreign languages which are way more than Amazon and this includes most European and East Asian languages.


Thus, from the above, we see that Amazon provides much better services and facilities at much lesser cost making it more advantageous than Netflix. In addition to this, Amazon has a very bright future because it’s developing its original content rapidly and is also improving its quality. This certainly makes Amazon Prime Video a much better choice than Netflix.