Starting your e-commerce business is not very difficult, while making it prosperous may become quite a challenging activity. Each company is unique in its conditions of work and current environment, however, there is a list of things every business owner should care about. The information we have collected is simple in implementation, Omismedia is sure that great results are not obligatory to involve great pain.

Experts are often asked about the best marketing strategy. One should be ready to accept that there is no ideal standard for this notion. Understanding of best tricks in your eCommerce business depends on too many factors like:

what type of behaviour is common in your niche;

what level of service your clients expect;

the rules you have in your area and how flexible they are etc.

But, don’t panic. In spite of the fact that you will have to make a lot of experiments what are the best ideas for your business, there are, meanwhile, some tricks that will certainly work for each business type. They were effective a year ago and Omismedia is more than just sure they will become a success to any business tomorrow.

10 strategies to intensify your business on any ecommerce marketing platform

  1. Show your care to clients

No matter how good your product is, but the possibility of coming back is negligible if the service was on a low level. Clients should have some available source to discuss all their problems and misunderstandings about the product. Think of support line with easy to remember phone number where people could get all necessary information.


  1. Be simple and effective
    People like online shopping as it saves their time in comparison with a traditional one. Things may get worse if the process in online becomes complicated. People are interested in putting the products into the cart and pay for it as quick as possible. Avoid any unnecessary steps or something distracting from key activities.
  2. Offer people buy more
    This simple approach is called upselling. For example, you wanted to buy only computer mouse, but finished your order with a set of batteries. There are cases when a client is interested in something particular only, while others will be ready to consider other products they may need to their primary one. As a result, you have bigger sales and respect from clients.
  3. Being mobile is important more than ever
    There are still those who make orders from personal computers only. But the audience ordering from mobile devices is huge and getting even bigger. Having your own app is a good idea, but it makes people strain their muscles more than they would like, for example, if they order not oftener than once in three months. Your mobile version should be the same convenient and effective as desktop one for everybody to have high level experience.
  4. Focus on locals
    Getting recognition from world society is a very delicious pie, but you may get higher results if focus on your local clients who are already here. Win your clients’ hearts by special attitude, while abroad far away brands have to be more formal, whether they like it or not.
  5. Free delivery, sales, gifts and other goodies
    People like all that stuff. Something that can be not so really necessary, but given for free makes high result. Offer gifts from new arrival for a particular sum in an order, launch quizzes with prizes for repost and so on.
  6. Give people quality content
    Working on your SEO is not very easy task that becomes even more complicated as Google nowadays is interested in something of high quality, only keywords can’t win the battle. Besides, the clients will have one more reason to drop into your website as you always impress them by interesting information. Next time, when the question will be about purchasing, the clients are more likely to think of you, as you have already done something for them.
  7. The trick about delivery
    Little disadvantage about online shops is that you have to wait for some time when your order arrives. But clients will give more stars when delivery exceeds their expectations. Think which logistics companies you can apply to make you customers happy in shorter terms.
  8. Encourage clients to say what they feel
    Good description can tell a lot about the product, but people want to know about its features and options from the same customers as they are. Let people share their opinions: star ranking, photos, videos (if possible).
  9. Continue interaction after purchase
    People are very happy to see you are interested in them after they gave you money and here are the ways how you can express it:

    1. Send them a letter to leave feedback about the product and service quality;
    2. Share the results of investigation you have recently made about the products related to client’s interests;
    3. Invite to a webinar with an expert form the field etc.

How would you continue this list?

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